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event : evt, Since brown rice is chewier than white rice, you will need to cook it longer and maybe add a little more of the chosen herb or spice for brown rice. Add 2 cups of chicken stock for every 1 cup of rice. Although not a must, but the above list of healthy seasoning for rice serves a few purposes: One, adding spices to rice is one of the easiest ways to make tasty rice and second, as every spice and herb have added health benefits you are elevating the purpose of the dish. A strong aromatic spice which can be likened to a mix of cinnamon and liquorice. Although the world’s most popular staple food, Rice is considered to be tasteless, bland, boring, and eaten mostly as a side dish. It has its own nutrients value such as fibre, vitamin B1, B6, magnesium amongst others. Still, as with any staple, we can grow weary of the same old flavors day in and day out. Fresh tarragon takes the lead but the dried variety does not disappoint either. When changing up your liquids, stay true to original 1 cup rice to 2 cups liquid ratio. So let the fat or starch content not downplay the benefits of a bowl of warm soothing rice. You can use either the smoked or the sweet variety for adding taste and a slight hint of colour to your rice dish. Cooking for me is something that should be simple, smart and stress-free. The type of spices to add to rice while cooking depends on the type of rice dish you wish to make. Something that doesn’t involve more chopping or fancy ingredients? Some studies also claim that rice is an empty nutrient and only adds bulk to the body, so why make it tasty? Press start and wait until your rice is cooked. How To Add Instant Flavour With Best Spices for Rice, Tequila Blog: What You Need To Know About Mexican Alcohol, Why Are Spices and Herbs with Vitamin C So Important. // Leaf Group Lifestyle. When people say they are going on a low-carb diet and rice is a starch that gets axed, my heart breaks for those souls. Name: The freshness and taste of dried or fresh herbs make any plain rice dish taste amazing. Great with a piece of baked seasoned fish or veges. Similar to oregano, thyme is a bold herb that can be added to rice. If you want to spice up rice a little, you have many options. Well, it is because curry powder is used to make different types of dishes in South- East Asia including curry rice. Some make rice in rice cooker, I use microwave to make rice, but most cook rice on stove tops. I highly recommend adding two pods of cardamon for an instant flavour boost to your rice. I am glad you found this useful. Add a little salt to your rice with the chosen spices and herbs for maximum flavour. I love how easy it is to make! Try adding orange juice, beef or seafood stock, some white or red wine or canned tomatoes in their juice. It is an easy task of throwing your chosen spices or herbs adding the right amount of water or broth and consume the flavour bomb. Not really an aromatic spice but it sure will make your rice look bright and beautiful. Cooking Tips On How To Flavour Rice With The Best Seasoning For Rice. Sauteing your uncooked rice in a little bit of fat keeps it from sticking together when it is done cooking. But these below two spices are common in some dishes. They are packed with earthy flavours that silently seep into each grain of rice. Fluff your rice using a fork before serving. Coconut Rice. You can use both the black and green cardamom varieties for rice. But plain rice day after day can get, well, a little boring, don’t you think? So enjoy Spicing UPP that bowl of white (or brown) rice!! Bring the rice to a boil, cover and reduce heat to medium low.. Set a timer for 20 minutes. You can cook rice with herbs and vegetables to add flavor during the cooking process. This post will show you what spices to add to rice to give it an instant flavour and health boost by adding some of the best spices for rice. Hopefully this gives you some tips on how to spice up rice with the good spices for rice. Rice doesn't have to a bland side dish. I strongly recommend adding spices and herbs to white rice or brown rice to see the difference in taste and flavour yourself. Simple version. So how to flavour rice with spices and herbs ?? Spices and herbs are not only used to flavour white rice but you can spice up brown rice as well. All Right Reserved. Thanks for posting this since I make boring bland rice all the time. It is sweet and absolutely delicious. The use of spices or herbs in South Asian rice dishes is comparatively less. The normal rice to water measure is 1 cup of rice to 2 cups of water. Add in few veggies, proteins and 2 teaspoons of curry powder to make a one-pot complete meal. Take your rice to a level up and add some garlic and lemon juice with dried or fresh thyme for a truly indulgent treat. Before getting to the flavor options, though, it is important to talk preparation. The steam the lid creates helps to cook the rice. Set a timer for the allotted time and walk away until it goes off. When you put the lid on to cook the rice, leave it alone. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. How to Flavor Rice. You can cover the hot rice after mixing herbs for the flavours to penetrate. A good bowl of rice is the crux of a good meal. So yummy! Add turmeric with any or few of the above spices and see the bowl disappear. })(); Sprucing up rice does not require you to follow a particular recipe. } Open the lid, use your rice paddle to break the tomatoes and gently fold them into the rice. There are over 40,000 different varieties of rice and each has a unique flavour, so not all rice variety is bland. They are so small that you won’t feel them in your mouth when you eat the rice but still be able to taste them. I love rice but mine is usually very plain. The most expensive spice of the world not only makes a dish look vibrant but the aroma is next to none.

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