how to distress wood

How to Distress Wood Furniture. Next, give the furniture a new coat of paint, use … If you’re into the look but aren’t into poring over old furniture in a thrift store or you shopped for hours and have hauled home some new pieces, read on. Using a pre-stain wood conditioner on porous wood such as pine helps promote uniform color when applying stain. Here is a short video showing how to distress painted wood to achieve this farmhouse style distressed … Here is how your distressed paint will look using this technique. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to distressing … I love that when you distress painted wood with a dark paint underneath you get more contrast in your distressing. To distress wood furniture, start by sanding the entire surface with coarse-grit sandpaper to create a smooth base for the new paint to adhere to. Be careful if your project requires glue. Don’t you agree? If glue gets on an area that needs to …

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