how to disarm an argumentative partner

Researchers analysed two years of posts on forum site ChangeMyView Most of us encounter confrontational and hostile people at some points in our lives. This goes back to the ideas I mentioned above. And agreeing, even to some small degree, places you and your partner back on the same team. This is not a good sign. I know my depressed friend will rant about life’s injustices as long as I let her. Let’s say they have called you out on being grumpy and sullen in the morning. One way to do so is to tell that friend clearly that you do not appreciate them being condescending to you. First, check your attitude and approach. Dial yourself down. I recently stood in front of an executive team, allowing their unproductive to-ing and fro-ing to continue a little longer. By simply agreeing with your partner, you disarm them, effectively taking the wind out of their sails. Tired of fighting with your spouse/partner? If ignored, that's just really not nice of your partner. You don’t have to agree wholeheartedly with whatever your partner accuses you of for this to work. You may like do what most couples do. “Some people try to be tall by cutting off the heads of others.” — Paramhansa Yogananda. Avoid each other to avoid a fight. However, remember that this issue is between you and the best friend. You want to find a solution that keeps all friendships intact, but stops the condescending behavior. Part of me feels tempted to play amateur psychiatrist–get her talking, and then try to help her reframe situations into a more positive light. Avoidance patterns is toxic to a relationship. Disarm their negativity, even if just for now. Five Ways To Disarm A Conflict Get a “quick grip” on yourself. Are you amping up? Since I have been in your shoes more than many times, took the hit and stayed hoping it won't happen again or feeling too scared to leave. How to win ANY argument using science: Experts reveal which words to use and how one simple trick can help you get your own way.

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