how do chitons move

[16], Cilia pull the food through the mouth in a stream of mucus and through the oesophagus, where it is partially digested by enzymes from a pair of large pharyngeal glands. The anus opens just behind the foot. Chitons are usually oval in shape. It is known that they can differentiate between a predator's shadow and changes in light caused by clouds. Chitons. The male releases sperm into the water, while the female releases eggs either individually, or in a long string. Chiton, any of numerous flattened, bilaterally symmetrical marine mollusks, worldwide in distribution but most abundant in warm regions. A few species of chitons are predatory, such as the small western Pacific species Placiphorella velata. It includes all the living and extinct genera of chitons. These function as an attachment of the valve plates to the soft body. Premium Membership is now 50% off! [3] These plates overlap slightly at the front and back edges, and yet articulate well with one another. Although known since the early Paleozoic, chitons do not show a marked increase in diversity until the Cretaceous. This inner layer may also be produced laterally in the form of notched insertion plates. The mantle cavity consists of a narrow channel on each side, lying between the body and the girdle. The approximately 600 species are usually placed in the class Placophora, Polyplacophora, or Loricata (phylum Mollusca). [35], Class (Polyplacophora) of marine molluscs, This article is about the mollusc class. It has considerable power of adhesion and can cling to rocks very powerfully, like a limpet. After a chiton dies, the individual valves which make up the eight-part shell come apart because the girdle is no longer holding them together, and then the plates sometimes wash up in beach drift. 10. The most recent classification (Sirenko 2006) is based not only on shell morphology, as usual, but also other important features, including aesthetes, girdle, radula, gills, glands, egg hull projections, and spermatozoids. By The Marine Detective on September 30, 2012 I’m excited to share video with you of Gumboot Chitons spawning. Some species brood the eggs within the mantle cavity, and the species Callistochiton viviparus even retains them within the ovary and gives birth to live young, an example of ovoviviparity. Since chitons were first described by Linnaeus (1758), extensive taxonomic studies at the species level have been made. [14], The girdle is often ornamented with spicules, bristles, hairy tufts, spikes, or snake-like scales. They are also eaten in certain parts of the Philippines, where it is called kibet if raw and chiton if fried. Most classification schemes in use today are based, at least in part, on Pilsbry's Manual of Conchology (1892–1894), extended and revised by Kaas and Van Belle (1985–1990). The direction of the ciliary beat is tailward, causing the animal to glide slowly forward. Polyplacophora often show a "homing behavior". This implies that polysaccharides make up the bulk of the matrix. Chitons are very flexible and can fit snugly into rock crevices or curl into a ball when detached. One theory has the chitons remembering the topographic profile of the region, thus being able to guide themselves back to their home scar by a physical knowledge of the rocks and visual input from their numerous primitive eyespots. The mouth cavity itself is lined with chitin and is associated with a pair of salivary glands. Chitons can also curl up into a ball. The individual shell plates from a chiton are sometimes known as "butterfly shells" due to their shape. Do all flatworms live in water? [10] The girdle spines often bear length-parallel striations. The most posterior plate is known as the anal plate (sometimes called the "tail plate", although chitons do not have tails. 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