homemade pepper spray for squirrels

Next day I looked out my window to see a squirrel sitting on its head and eating its ears. So I searched online and tried a few concoctions and theories and came up with a homemade squirrel repellent that seems to be working on both the squirrels and the chipmunks. Questions of a Do It Yourself nature should be Allow this mixture to boil for about 30 minutes, and then remove it from the heat. Pour the mixture around the perimeter of your flower beds. The squirrels can't bury anything. He even tried my crown of thorns once. Don’t worry, about the spicy infusion irritating birds that use the feeder. I think the squirrels took a bite of my tomatoes on the vine. Thanks for the idea! Corn Eating 101 taught by Skippy The Squirrel. Perhaps this is diluted enough not to do harm. So, we went full evil on the little jerks. My daughter said he thought, "this lady sure seasons her food good." home improvement and repair website. If you can't use this spray, do you know anything that can be used that is safe for my yard birds? not working today"... lol. Last year the squirrels chewed the wires on Christmas lights. question, does it have to be Tabasco sauce or can Tapatio be used as well. I read all the comments. 1995-2018 MH Sub I, LLC dba Internet Brands. I would advise care when using this on your plants. Mechanic says it sharpens their teeth! I'll have to work on that! ( ( flowers on my deck))? They sit there all day munching away ! They will avoid climbing the pole again because it takes too much work to clean their feet after touching the pole. I will keep you posted as to when the funeral will be, please send flowers. Hoping the dish soap is the key here. Will this work around vehicles! Concrete recipe for cast in place countertops. So many more chipmunks than I've ever seen before this year! LOL. I went to leave one day and a squirrel grabbed the mini gourd with his teeth and leisurely pranced away! Works like a charm! (my dead stuffed squirrel agrees, use your common sense when using this). Squirrels are cute when they’re scurrying around in the trees, but if they get into your garden’s fall bulbs or any of your bird feeders, they become outright menaces. We have a few places in our area that have novelty bottles of hot sauce. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Great post!! Tried that. he even eats my pepper plants. Uverse will have to deal with the whatever those squirrels do out on the telephone pole. I live in Indiana and the squirrels here in speedway are very bold. They lack the same taste buds to actually transmit signals of heat, so for them it’s actually a treat that just makes the seed taste even better. The chipmunks and I are buddies. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Will it kill the plants? I cut a piece to fit the pot. Amigos. Besides we USED to be friends. Oh, and BTW, the squirrel in these photos is the stuffed squirrel my son bought at an antique mall a few months ago. No, it shouldn't affect the taste of the veggies as long as you wash them off before eating them. Sprinkle a mixture of these spices where you don’t want squirrels to dig or tread. 6. The squirrel kryptonite is cayenne pepper. Let them have a picnic - You can always try to feed the squirrels in another part of your yard and hope it keeps them from wanting to eat your good stuff in the other part of the yard. They get into my deck railing plants, flower pots, tomato pots, etc.

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