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Department of Energy Hanford Site. Welcome to Hanford. The Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant, also known as the Vit Plant, is being designed and constructed at the Hanford Site in southeastern Washington state. Registration for public tours of Hanford’s Manhattan Project National Historical Park facilities has also been postponed. The Hanford Site occupies 586 square miles (1,518 km 2)—roughly equivalent to half of the total area of Rhode Island—within Benton County, Washington. Hanford.Gov. Registration for 2019’s free, popular Hanford nuclear reservation tours begin in March. This land is closed to the general public. Old Hanford Town-site Tour. Tour the Hanford Vit Plant, Virtually; Tour the Hanford Vit Plant, Virtually. This website contains information and registration forms for the Manhattan Project B Reactor Site Tour, located in Washington State. Date of experience: September 2019. Public Comment Period COVID-19 Information . Javascript is turned off in your web browser. EM Chief Gets Firsthand Look at Hanford Site Progress. Additional Tour: Hanford Site Cleanup Tour. Hanford, Washington, on the beautiful Columbia River, was the site selected for the full-scale plutonium production plant, the B Reactor. Other hotspots offer photos, video, and information about the location you are viewing. A DOE employee resigned and is barred from federal work for 3 years after knowingly violating the Hatch Act by giving a Hanford nuclear reservation site tour to … The pre-Manhattan Project tours, which take about four hours, include bus transportation and a short walking tour at each site. This virtual tour offers 360 panoramic images of various places on the Hanford site. This write up is for the tour of the Hanford town site and vicinity. The following items are prohibited anywhere on the Hanford Site or in Site-associated facilities. Updates will be posted on our website, https://manhattanprojectbreactor.hanford.gov/ . ligo hanford observatory has suspended all outreach activities, including saturday tours for the duration of 2020. In an effort to minimize the spread of COVID-19 both to the public and to staff, the LIGO Hanford Observatory is closed for tours, field trips, and drop-in visitation of exhibits for the remainder of 2020. Read more. The tours will cover environmental cleanup of radioactive waste at the DOE site in Eastern Washington. These tours run on a very different schedule than the one offered by the National Park Service. In addition to the tours offered by the National Park Service, the government offers a tour for US-Citizens only to see the progress of the ongoing cleanup efforts at the Hanford Site. They are scheduled from April 5 to Oct. 26. Welcome Home to Hanford, Tank-Side Cesium Removal System. Tours … It is a desert environment receiving under 10 inches of annual precipitation, covered mostly by shrub-steppe vegetation. Navigate to locations through the menu, minimap, or clicking hotspots with a location icon. Thank you for your understanding and support. We encourage all to attend this educational tour. It was great, with very professional guides, excellent driver, and very informative. Please turn it on to take full advantage fo this site, then refresh the page. Today a popular tourist destination, the Hanford Site proved crucial to the success of the Manhattan Project. Site SelectionThe search for a location for the full-scale plutonium facilities began soon after DuPont joined the production team. Top Stories Subcontract Awarded to Support Hanford Tank Waste Treatment, Risk Reduction.

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