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So perhaps it’s a matter of history. The Hanford Engineer Works was built to create large quantities of plutonium at a roughly 600-square-mile site along the Columbia River in Washington State. @article{osti_887452, title = {History of the Hanford Site: 1943-1990}, author = {Harvey, D W}, abstractNote = {This booklet was developed to highlight the national and international historical events that occurred in association with the development of the Hanford Site. In 1991, the DOE resolved to clean up the Hanford site. The top-secret effort took the name, “Manhattan Project.” Hanford's History Once a small farming community, the area was transformed when it became the site of the Manhattan Project's plutonium production facility in the Second World War. Created as part of the top secret Manhattan Project during World War II, B Reactor produced plutonium used in the Trinity Test, as well as for the atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki, Japan, to end World War II. For the Hanford site, the United States government requisitioned about 580,000 acres, equivalent to about half of Rhode Island. Brief Hanford History . Enrico Fermi and his team completed the world’s first nuclear chain reaction, and the decision was made to build the atomic bomb as a weapon to end the war with Japan. More than 51,000 workers at Hanford constructed and operated a massive industrial complex to fabricate, test, and irradiate uranium fuel and chemically separate out plutonium. Background and History The B Reactor National Historic Landmark at the Hanford Site in Washington state was the world’s first full-scale plutonium production reactor. hanford site history After President Roosevelt's 1941 directive to the Department of War to develop nuclear weapons, the Hanford site in southeast Washington state was selected as part of the national effort known as the Manhattan Engineer District Project. History. Hanford continued to produce plutonium throughout the Cold War, contributing to the nation's national defense, even as the environmental cost built up locally. Around Christmas of 1942, far from sleepy Hanford, World War II was grinding on. In early 1943, there were some 2,300 people living in the towns of Hanford, White Bluffs and Richland and unincorporated agricultural lands along the Columbia River. The Hanford Site is located along the Columbia River in southeastern Washington and was originally inhabited by Native Americans, including the Wanapum Band and the Yakama, Nez Perce, Umatilla, Walla Walla, and Cayuse Tribes.

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