hair paste vs wax

Everyone has those bad hair days once in a while. Product Types. Either way you choose there’s an option for you. It feels light but that doesn’t mean nothing is there. Of course, this is the point of using a hair product. Some manufacturers label their wax as pomade, putty, glue, whip, molding gum or styling paste. Mold hair into a style with paste designed to mold or control, with the latter also adding texture and the former best for sculpted styles. Don’t get it twisted, in the end the process is the same as a gel, the moisture from the product will evaporate out and leave the good stuff holding your hair in place. For the more unruly curly or thick hair use the strong strength Firme Hold Pomade. To apply, shape your hair in the direction you style it while it’s drying. These hair clays and pastes are a special thing- somewhat defining or at least pushing forward pomades of our modern age. There is a difference between true literal bed head and 5 minutes in front of the mirror “bed head”. The one that takes a little more effort is going to yield much better results during the day. However, the way a good pomade will achieve this is without alcohol. Products that will give your hair more shine and a wetter look will typically come from oil based products and to a lesser degree water soluble products. Feel free to email us at or chat with us live for assistance. Well, let’s say you like the benefits of water but want to recomb all day long or at least be a little more casual with your look. Both also offer varying degrees of holding power, from firm to barely there. Cleve McMillan, stylist and hair guru, is here to help us explain what each different hair product does and how to use it (hair gel can’t have all the love).. Pomade is wonderful. Creams and solids usually come in squat containers; gels in a tube or squeeze bottle; and sprays in aerosol or nonaerosol mists. A clay pomade will provide volume due to the clay in the formula. A hair paste product will stay pliable throughout the day giving you the ability to rework it to your liking whenever needed. None to very little shine. Do you choose a hair pomade, clay, paste, gel, wax or one of the many others for your hair? I am still in time to go back to the matte one. This is a very specific type of pomade for a certain type of hair and style. If you have any questions about products do not hesitate to reach out to us as we would be happy to help you. Some of the products, like the pastes and solid wax, work best if you first warm them up a bit by rubbing them between your palms. That curly hair is not impossible to tame with perseverance, the right product and time. Clay is very effective in terms of styling your hair and adding volume. We hope that this little guide was a good read and that you learned something new. The wax’s consistency is slick, possibly a little greasy and very smooth when applying into your hair. Wax gives your strands a matte finish, and it’s thicker than gel, but doesn’t harden or feel sticky. While hair wax and paste share some similarities, they also have notable differences. But they are also not mandatory. There was a reason that the greasers of the 50’s always had a comb in the back pocket. Hold. The main ingredients work to evaporate the moisture of the product out of your hair which leaves your hair crunchy and hard. Ahem. As the name suggests, hair wax is a styling product with wax in it. It works best for easier to manage hair unless you’re going for a more messy look (we’re thinking of curly hair here, which looks amazing when styled slightly messy with this product). Well, we took the best of both the water based world and the best of the oil based world and put them together into one product, unorthodox - we know! Hair wax and hair paste generally differ in the type of hold they have on your hair. Modern pomades along with all the offshoots are getting better and better. Alcohol is bad for your hair and skin. Everyone deserves that. If you know, you know. They used it to fix their hair. Your hair will develop a memory over time. Both will keep a style in place, but hair wax usually keeps a single style in place all day long. Personal preference. Formulas are being refined in amazing ways and the products are not only getting crazy good at delivering the results you want but are now including more and more healthy aspects as well. Hello, how can I carry your product in my shop. A pomade that is water based or water soluble is a hair product that utilizes … And in terms of health, the main takeaway in this modern day is that we are removing the nasty oldschool ingredients that brands of yesteryear didn’t fully realize the damaging effects of.

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