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initial employment rejected in FY2019, Capgemini followed with 55% application Speaking of this a USCIS is issuing more H1B RFEs than ever asking for proof of “Specialty Occupation” as per the latest data shared on Feb 22, 2019. quarters of FY2019 for new H-1B petitions for initial employment. If you have done your bachelors/MS in non CS major.. You might get RFE and need to prove you learned coding somewhere (reasonable I guess as it's a specialty occupation and any other citizen can do your job if you never learned coding but working for msft.. In the first quarter of FY 2020, the H-1B approval rate was 83.4%, up 8% from the same period in FY 2019, and on par with the approval rate in the first quarter of FY 2018. The H-1B RFE rate was 47.2% in the first quarter of FY 2020, down nearly 13% from the same period in FY 2019, but comparable to the RFE rate in the first quarter of FY 2018. dragon-j Sep 22, 2019 16 Comments ... (17% rejection rate, unsure which portion is SWE but odds just seem higher). L-1 petitions filed at USCIS Service Centers saw a drop in approvals, as RFEs increased 5.5% over Q1 of FY 2019. Facebook, and Cummins, where only 2% of applications were rejected. Docker shn?6:! "H1b Visa Will Be Costly & Will Take More Time In 2020; 24% Rejection Rate For Indian IT Firms Will Increase", 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings. rejections. USCIS’s first-quarter statistics for FY 2020 show slight improvement in outcomes in the H-1B category, as the agency modified some of the strict positions it took in FY 2019, particularly in regard to entry-level H-1B wages. Infosys employees faced the highest rejection rate of 29%, according to the report. Thank you for your interest; we look forward to hearing from you. By clicking 'OK' below, you acknowledge and understand that (i) where applicable, contacting us will not create any attorney-client relationship between you and Fragomen or any attorney at the Firm and (ii) any information transmitted will not be treated as confidential. L-1 petitions filed at USCIS Service Centers saw a drop in approvals, as RFEs increased 5.5% over Q1 of FY 2019. Labor Certification(LC) is for employment based green card and Labor Condition Application(LCA) is for H1B Work Visa. from early week of March and continue up to the second week of April. By FY 2018, however, the denial rate had soared to 24 percent. © 2020 - Trak.in - Indian Business of Tech, Mobile & Startups. Under the current administration, Indian IT services companies have seen rejection rates of 24% in 2019 and with the changing process, the Indian IT firms will be more careful while filling their applications. The RFE rate rose to 29.5%, up just over 1.5% from the first quarter of FY 2019. There was a time when getting an H-1B was not much of task if you have good grades reasonably good experience. For Wipro, the figure stood at 19% and TCS 22%. The Indian IT sector could face a delay in the grant of work visas. Sign up for alerts to get the latest immigration updates and analyses right in your Inbox. Explore H1B Grader Millions of data points collected from US Department of Labor (DOL) and USCIS relatedto H1B Sponsors that every H1B holder need to know ! The USCIS statistics do not include outcomes from TN applications at ports of entry or U.S. consulates. Post-RFE approvals rose slightly, to 67.5% from 67.1% in Q1 of FY 2019. The Average Salary is the average proffered salary on LCA or Form 9035. But in 2018, it increased to 12%, before rising again to 18% in 2019. The H1B visas for IT firms like Capgemini, Cognizant, Infosys Trakin Tech Network At a glance In the first quarter of FY 2020, the rate of requests for evidence and petition denials remained high for H-1B petitions, though there was a modest improvement in H-1B approval and RFE rates in comparison to Q1 of FY 2019. If you have any questions, please contact the immigration professional with whom you work at Fragomen. RFE rates remain well above fiscal 2015’s rate of … All Rights Reserved. companies employing at least 50 people in the United States, out of which more The rate of approvals after RFE remain well below FY 2015’s rate of 83.2%. Mobiles Will Cost More, New GST Imposed: 5 Things You Must Know, RBI Will Infuse Rs 1 Lakh Crore To Fight Coronavirus; US Stock Markets Witness Worst Day In 30 Years, H1B Visa Ban: Google, Amazon & 44 Tech Biggies Sue US Govt Over H1B Visa Ban, Trump May End H1B Visa Lottery: Highest Salaried Applicant Will Get H1B Visa First;…, H1B Visa Ban: Rs 7,30,000 Crore Loss For Fortune 500 Firms As 200,000 Employees…, These 2 New H-1B Visa Rules Will Stop Indians From Getting H-1B Jobs In US (Explained…, Trump Withdraws Higher H-1B Salary Rule, Won’t Change Definition Of H-1B Jobs, H-1B Visa Ban Removed! . It is not false that As per the new rule, the USCIS will close the initial registration for H-1B visa on March 20 while applications will start from April 1. than 50% are in H-1B, L-1A or L-1B non-immigrant status, has gone up to and processing of the non-immigrant visa. based companies in the US. The rejection rate is recorded highest among the major Indian IT companies. The H-1B program allows employers in the United States to temporarily employ foreign workers in occupations that require the theoretical and practical application of a body of highly specialized knowledge and a bachelor's degree or higher in the specific specialty, or its equivalent.. submit. Subscribe our newsletter to stay updated. H1B Transfer rejection rate. Petitioners are now The chances of H1B extension approval after RFE reduces to 60%. Similarly, visa rejection rates have gone from single-digit figures in FY15 to double digits in FY19 for other tech companies like HCL, Infosys and TCS. ... “Between FY 2015 and FY 2018 the denial rate for new H-1B petitions quadrupled from 6% to 24%. If a foreign worker changes his or her work location, a … In an already difficult We appreciate your interest in our firm. and Deloitte is fashionably being mitigated while firms like Amazon, Google or Sep 22, 2019 2 0. The overall RFE and denial trends are consistent with the Trump Administration’s directive to tighten employment-based visa eligibility under the Buy American, Hire American Executive Order. The denial rate of H1B petition witnessed a massive downfall from Indian companies. Spend time doing things which you couldn't while working at your current company. Companies that saw the least number of denials were Apple, the whole immigration process favors US technology companies over the Indian The rate of approval after RFE was 54.9% in the first quarter of FY 2020, slightly up from Q1 of FY 2019, but generally on par with the post-RFE approval rate of recent years. companies. rates for H-1B petitions increased from 6% in FY2015 to 24% in the first three For the first quarter of FY 2019, the denial rate reached an unprecedented level of 32 percent. RFE rates remain nearly double those of FY 2015. This alert is for informational purposes only. The US Trak.in - Trak.in is a popular Indian Business, Technology, Mobile & Startup blog featuring trending News, views and analytical take on Technology, Business, Finance, Telecom, Mobile, startups & Social Media Space. This trend is showing no signs of relief, thanks to the Trump govt. O-1 petitions were approved at a rate of 90.2% in the first quarter of this year, down 0.5% from the same period in FY 2019. The new rules will not only increase the time taken to process a visa but will also increase the cost. notch up the process of application The above report lists the top 100 Occupation submitted by US emplloyer in fiscal year 2019. Before communicating with us by email, please understand that unless you are an existing client of the Firm, any information sent will not be confidential. H1b Visa Will Be Costly & Will Take More Time In 2020; 24% Rejection Rate For Indian IT Firms Will Increase, "H1b Visa Will Be Costly & Will Take More Time In 2020; 24% Rejection Rate For Indian IT Firms Will Increase", SC Orders Govt To Waive Off Interest On These 8 Categories…, GST Registration Cancellation: 5.43 lakh Firms May Lose GST…, New Xiaomi Android 11 Update: New Fingerprint Effects,…, Govt Employees Can Get Cashback On Insurance Premium Paid:…, Tata Sons, Vistara, Singapore Airlines Can Buy Air India…, MIUI 13 Features Leaked, India Launch Date, Beta: MIUI 13…, US partial for American companies over Indian IT firms, Cognizant saw over 60% of applications for This The H-1B RFE rate was 35.8% in the second quarter of fiscal 2020, up 0.5% from the same period in fiscal 2019. In the coming months, USCIS is expected to issue several proposed regulations concerning the H-1B and L-1 categories, among others. The number includes new, renew and transfer of LCA. Approval rates remain well below FY 2015’s overall H-1B approval rate of 95.7%. The denial rate of H-1B visas has touched 24% in the third quarter of the current fiscal year, from 6% in FY2015.

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