growing nyjer thistle seed

A Niger Growers Group was even formed. Advantages & Disadvantages for Horticulture, American Niger Seed Company: Growing Niger, Glenn Page, Crop Science: Plant Population Influences Niger Seed, 2004. Kind of makes you wonder about the age of the harvesters and if they are paid a fair wage for harvesting that bird seed. For over five years he has worked as a newspaper reporter and historic researcher. Swath the crop once the seed heads form and start to exhibit shattering. Basically at bird stores: Nyjer = Niger = Thistle, it is all the same seed. Keith Allen, a 1979 graduate of Valley City State College, has worked at a variety of jobs including computer operator, medical clinic manager, radio talk show host and potato sorter. Sure enough, if the birds had their choice, they ate the Ethiopian Nyjer more than the North American Nyjer. It is known for its short growing season and disease resistance. Place beehives close to the crop field. While we're talking Nyjer and finches, you might need one and some are available at the Birdchick's OpenSky Store. Farmers grow niger seed, sometimes called thistle seed or nyjer seed, for use as an oil source and human consumption in its native Ethiopia. The Nyjer Growers Group has since disbanded. When thistle starts sprouting in their yards, some determine to never use this feed again. And now a few words from one of my site's sponsors: Hey! One of the first things that came to mind was that Ethiopian Nyjer is supposed to be heat treated to prevent it from germinating in North American soil (we all know how successful that is...not). Nyjer seed also commonly known as niger or thistle seed is popular with many backyard bird species, particularly seed-eating birds and winter finches. Harvest the niger seeds using a standard farm combine adjusted for a fine light crop. Swathing utilises a piece of farm equipment that cuts the crop and gathers it into a windrow or continuous pile of the crop. One that is pictured quite a bit in my blog and used by thousands of finches is the Finch Flocker (a 36" feeder). Most of what you purchase for goldfinches at your local feed store comes from Singapore, Burma (I remember seeing that location frequently when I got in 50# bags at the bird store I managed), Ethiopia, and Myanmar. They set up 15 different feeding stations with the North American Nyjer in one feeder and Ethiopian Nyjer in the second. Bird watchers put out thistle for Goldfinches, Pine Siskins, and others. hey ya'll! Farmers commonly grow the crop under contract to birdseed processors. One of the presentations was from John and Lisa Loegering about attempts to produce Nyjer in North America. Check state regulations for approved fungicides if you detect sclerotina. Farmers grow niger seed, sometimes called thistle seed or nyjer seed, for use as an oil source and human consumption in its native Ethiopia. I was looking up growing info on nyjer seed (also known as niger or thistle seed) and I ran across this site about nyjer that has a bunch of info on it. Poor pollination results in poor seed yield. Above is a picture of Nyjer also known as Niger and Thistle. A Niger Growers Group was even formed. The plant requires about 75 days from planting to harvest. per acre. The Wild Bird Feeding Industry has pushed for the name to be changed to a phonetic spelling: Nyjer. Water until the soil is moist. They measured the amount of seed put in the feeder, the amount the birds ate, the type of birds and the flock composition. Allow the seed heads to dry when harvesting, and then shake the seed heads to release the seeds into a plastic bag. Imported seeds, brought to this country for birdseed, are heat treated to kill weed seeds. Plant the seeds in the spring after the last threat of frost or later in the year. Farmers commonly grow the crop under contract to birdseed processors. They also gave up some of their CRP land, so birds got a raw deal from bird can live in a corn field. His works have appeared in regional newspapers in North Dakota and in "North Dakota Horizons" and "Cowboys and Indians" magazines. There's also the Droll Yankee Clever Clean Series for finches too. Loegering wondered what was different. 1988; 16: 501-505 Nyjer Seed (aka niger seed or thistle seed) is a teeny-tiny, high-oil content seed (~40%) mostly favored by finches and siskins. My piece for the Washington Post on being furloughed. This time, the finches ate both types of Nyjer at the same rate.

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