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We didn't taste this one during our recent grilling tutorial, but it sounds wonderful as well. (Before the Great Depression, Louisiana was the leading producer of artichokes in the United States, he said, noting that inspired him to pair them with the local seafood.). (Photo by David Grunfeld, | The Times-Picayune), Head Cheese and Artichoke Cream Grilled Oysters by Miles Prescott. Our Favorite Videos Get Recipe … "You can put two dozen oysters on this guy right here." (504) 309-4848. He recommends using long-handled, sturdy tongs to put oysters on and - definitely - to remove hot oysters from the grill. Our recipe follows Drago's instructions and celebrates the pride with which the restaurant has been serving this flavorful dish for years. Combine the first five ingredients and cook over low heat just until the butter is melted. 3340 Bienville St., New Orleans, 504.827.5474. Looking for new dinner recipes? All of the sauces were made first. Get a dozen raw oysters for $7.50 or a half dozen for $4. 512 Bienville St. … Herbsaint, or anise-flavored liqueurs, to deglaze, 4 strips bacon, rendered and chopped into pieces approximately the size of your thumbnail, for garnish. For light sauces, such as his butter-based Classic Grilled Oysters, Prescott puts the oysters on the grill and immediately ladles on the sauce, bread crumbs and cheese. Head uptown between 3-6pm on … ", 1 teaspoon hot sauce (Prescott prefers Pop's Midnight Heat From Cajun Country). The key for newbies is to watch them closely. Reserve. Turn off heat and stir in chopped shrimp and bacon. The restaurateur developed the recipe more than 20 years ago in response to the raw oyster scare present at the time. For his backyard parties, Prescott uses sauce recipes that he developed while working at New Orleans restaurants, such as Little Gem Saloon, and as sous chef under Chris DeBarr at The Delachaise. Then, the oysters were shucked and the sauces reheated, if necessary, before spooning on top. Keep cooking for a couple of minutes until sauce thickens. The Cvitanovichs have generously shared other Croatian recipes like their stuffed cabbage recipe, fritters recipe, and apple strudel recipe through Klara Cvitanovich. Ingredients 8 ounces butter (softened) 2 tablespoons garlic (finely chopped) 1 teaspoon black pepper 1 pinch dried oregano 18 large oysters (freshly shucked on the half shell) … Guest author Jaden shares a personal lesson from the Shuckmeister on how to do it. I owe a lot to that guy," Prescott said of DeBarr, who he said urged him research the history of ingredients, saying he'd find inspiration there. The oyster shouldn't be cut loose from the shell as they can slip and fall right through the grill. As the coals were turning white, Prescott began to shuck the oysters, a dozen or two at a time. When you're ready to grill oysters, return sauce to a boil and stir in spinach as quickly as you can. Heat a gas or charcoal grill to high heat. Set aside. Bring cream sauce to a boil and then whisk in roux. Either I'd leave them on too long and they would dry out and shrivel, or I'd take them off too soon and end up with more of a poached oyster than a chargrilled one. As Prescott noted, he has "chef's hands," toughened up by shucking, cuts, burns and heat. Ladle approximately a tablespoon of butter sauce on shucked oyster. Get our free cookbook when you sign up for our newsletter. He removed them to a heat-proof tray. Best Oysters in New Orleans, Louisiana: Find 270,801 Tripadvisor traveller reviews of THE BEST Oysters and search by price, location, and more. (Photo by David Grunfeld, | The Times-Picayune). Since oyster stock is the best liquid to cook seafood in, he says, he knew charbroiling oysters would produce a good result, especially since it was a take-off on his already popular grilled redfish. $$Bars, Cajun/Creole, Seafood. Grilling Oysters: Pre-heat grill to 350°. 18 large oysters (freshly shucked on the half shell). As the edge of a shell started to darken and caramelize, and the oyster and sauce seriously started to sizzle, Prescott knew it was time to take it off. You have permission to edit this article. "The first oyster is like when you open a very old bottle of wine: Is it going to be great or is it just going to be a headache?". Do not cut oysters loose from the shell. "These versions are all mine," he said of his take on a butter and garlic sauce, the Bienville and the Rockefeller. Mix the melted butter with the garlic, pepper, and oregano. Wait 5 minutes, then add parsley, salt and pepper. Saute butter, garlic and onion in a medium saucepan until tender. We were in luck. New Orleans. Here are a few tips to safely shuck an oyster and avoid hand injuries or cuts: Barbara Rolek is a former chef who became a cooking school instructor and award-winning food writer. It is possible to do five or six batches on one fire, but as the fire begins to cool, the oysters will take longer to sizzle and caramelize. (One thing we plan to try: Use a charcoal chimney, or chimney starter, to get extra coals hot so we can keep adding as the original fire starts to cool.). 1131. Just this year alone, we’ve been to Seattle, Chicago, Bahamas and twice to San Francisco! This authentic recipe for Drago's charbroiled oysters comes from the horse's mouth: Tommy Cvitanovich, who owns the famous seafood restaurant in New Orleans. Once the sauces were made (find the recipes below), it was time to light the fire. Enjoy! He douses the coals with a lighter fluid and sets them aflame. Bigger oysters with thicker shells should go toward the middle for greater heat. Spoon sauce on oyster and place over a very hot grill (500 degrees or higher, if possible) until sauce begins to bubble and shell edges begin to brown. Allow spinach to wilt but retain some body and bright green color. For best results, let sauce cool, then generously spoon onto shucked oyster. "I love and respect the classics," Prescott said. Don't attempt this without freshly shucked oysters and an outdoor grill.". Oysters Rockefeller isn't the only classic broiled oyster dish in New Orleans. Allow to cook until the excess oyster juice has evaporated and the cheese and bread crumbs begin to brown on the edges. I've tried grilling oysters at home but have never been wowed by the result. "This is just my take on them. Mr Ed’s Oyster Bar - Bienville. Return pot to heat and add cream. 319 tips and reviews Gautam John: Excellent oysters and a brilliant burger. Spoon enough of the seasoned butter over the oysters so that some of it will overflow into the fire and flame up a bit. Place oysters over very hot grill (500 degrees or higher, if possible) until sauce begins to bubble and shell edges begin to brown. "See how the oyster starts pulling itself up in a little ball? Some are bigger, with deeper pockets, more liquid and thicker shells, so he wasn't shy about moving oysters around. Once sauce is reduced, open oysters, leaving them on the half-shell. Place the oysters on the half shell right over the hottest part. Reserve in a small bowl. One of my favorite ways to eat oysters (especially those strongly flavored big ones) is grilled. Salt and paper to taste. The oysters are ready when they puff up and get curly on the sides, about 5 minutes. Sometimes oysters near the edge need to be moved toward the center to get more sizzle, so tongs come in handy for that maneuver as well. Be careful not to scorch the bottom. Increase heat and cook until au sec (dry). His new menu item took off like a shot, and there is no denying that the freshness of the product made this dish a star: Still handpicked by their own fishermen, the oysters are delivered to the restaurant in Drago's own truck. Ideally, the grill should hit 500 F. In a small saucepan, gently melt the butter. Use a short knife or another thin-edged instrument for. You’ll see and smell the grilled oysters as soon as you walk through the door of this corner restaurant in Mid-city.

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