gretsch g9511 vs jim dandy

I had an afternoon gig at a seniors community. It's also an excellent value. Where the majority of parlour guitars that we review are centred around build quality, sizing and sound, the big selling point for the Jim Dandy Flat Top is very clearly the super, almost bizarrely low price. After it, I went straight to a Mom & Pop (or, more accurately, a Pop, son and grandson) store in town. I've played the OO version several times at various music shops and they never failed to impress with it's great, non-boxy tone and really nice manufacture. And this particular case allows many parlor guitars to fit nicely including the Gretsch Jim Dandy, Art & Lutherie A&L AMI and other models that follow the smaller more traditional sizes. I’d step up to the Gretsch G9511 from the Jim Dandy. Gretsch G9511 Single O Parlour Guitar . Is the Jim Dandy Flat Top one of the best budget parlour guitars of the modern era? Well, after hunting all over the place for a Gretsch 9500 Jim Dandy parlour guitar, the only place that had them was Andertons. The Jim Dandy combines classic Gretsch looks with modern playability and crisp, bright tone. Sure enough, they did. Design & Build Quality. 05-25-2017 - My Gretsch Jim Dandy G9500 - 1 by LGOberean posted May 25, 2017 at 6:14 PM. Pounding the table ditto this! I ordered the guitar on the 17th, and it was at my door on the 18th, so what's not to like. I also personally think the Jim dandy is crafted much better than the Fender and looks gorgeous and has a nice vintage look to it and you can tell a lot of effort when’t into the Jim Dandy. The above words might sound a bit of an overstatement, but it’s honestly true when it comes to the G9500. Excellent service. I played that one first. The Rex guitars were some of the most popular entry level guitars back in the early to mid 1900s and with the Jim Dandy, Gretsch aim to create a fun, comfortable and portable guitar at a very low price. Solid top, thin gloss finish, beautiful sunburst — I think it’s a cooler, nicer, better-sounding guitar for not a lot more money. This little Gretsch looks nothing like the image that comes to most people’s heads when the name Gretsch comes to mind, but it’s an absolute category killer that other manufacturers would be wise to take note of. The Gretsch G9500 Jim Dandy is a refreshing parlor guitar, and with a price tag of under $200, this ¾ scale budget-friendly guitar is an instrument that will surprise musicians of all skill levels and playing styles.. The Gretsch G9500 Jim Dandy is a small bodied parlor guitar built to be a homage to Gretsch’s “Rex” parlor guitars of the 1930s-1950s. The Gretsch Jim Dandy is a classic parlor guitar styled after the company's "Rex" parlor guitars made just under a century ago. The Jim Dandy doesn’t have pegs/pins to hold the strings but like an electric you string through the bridge like on a SG or Les paul. I knew they were a Fender dealer, so I knew there was a good chance they'd have a Gretsch JD in stock. I'd read a few reviews that were not too kind in what they said about the service from Andertons, but I took a chance as I wanted the guitar. Things to Consider Before Buying a Parlor Guitar.

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