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Questions about the Golden Age Project R1 ST Vintage Style Stereo Ribbon Microphone? R1 ST Reviews Sort By Date Sort By Rating Write Your Review. 3 Customer Ratings: 5. 30th March 2018. €503.45. · Dos elementos de cinta, uno colocado sobre el otro; cada uno dirigido 45 grados del centro en una configuración clásica de Blumlein.· Crea una maravillosa representación estereofónica de la fuente de sonido y del entorno acústico. · De cualquier lado de la R1 ST también se puede utilizar … 292320551335. I recently picked up this mic rather than investing in an AEA R88. Free shipping. Telegram. WhatsApp. Item Number. New. $444. Email. Facebook. Free shipping on many Golden Age items! Quantity. Stereo setup: Blumlein; Directivity of the two capsules: Figure-8; ... Golden Age Premier PRE-73 DLX. item 4 New Golden Age Project R-1 ST Vintage Style Stereo Ribbon Microphone 3 - New Golden Age Project R-1 ST Vintage Style Stereo Ribbon Microphone. Golden Age Project R1 ST Review – 2 Ribbons in 1. Passive stereo ribbon microphone. 2 available. r1st. 2 Customers . UPC. About this item. Brand. Its ultra-high SPL handling (up to 160dB) means you can use the R1 ST on practically any instrument or sound source. Get the lowest price on the Golden Age R1-ST Stereo Ribbon Microphone. July 1, 2019 Music Background: Musician, Engineer. Share. 7115835090010. $595. Golden Age Project. Paiste 20" 602 Paperthin Crash. Or call us at (800) 222-4700. It features two mic sections—each housing a 50mm 2-micron aluminum ribbon—set in a Blumlein configuration for easy and accurate stereo recording. Item Ending. The R1 ST is t wo high quality vintage style ribbon microphone sections with transformer balanced outputs in a classic Blumlein configuration for stereo and mono recordings.It offers the unique and natural sound that has been available in classical microphones like the RCA 44 and 77 that are still used to make high quality recordings today after over 80 years. Golden Age Project ; R1 ST ; Golden Age Project R1 ST. 3 ratings . Condition. Jonathan from Indianapolis. €377.59. The Golden Age Project R1 ST is a stereo ribbon microphone designed for smooth reproduction of vocals and various instruments in home, project, and commercial recording studios. Complete with a detachable cable, a splitter box offering left and right outputs, a shockmount, and two transport cases, any engineer can appreciate the value in the Golden Age R1 ST vintage-style stereo ribbon microphone. A dual-ribbon mic emulating tried-and-trusted designs, the R1 ST is a versatile studio tool. John Pickford puts it through its paces with a range of instruments… Find all your Golden Age needs at $599.00. MPN. Fantastic Sound. Twitter.

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