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24 ounces fresh mushrooms, sliced (I used cremini and shiitake) 1/4 cup minced garlic or shallots, or a combination of both. Next, add in sun dried tomatoes and artichokes. A lot of times I just eat a bowl of this with a piece of fruit. I think four ounces is a good amount for four servings, but you may feel differently... so build it up gradually. Thanks Natasha! My mom has been looking for the same ones and I'd love to surprise her on mother's day! How do you make the creamy sauce? Your email address will not be published. What can you serve with this creamy pesto and goat cheese pasta? Add in the crushed tomatoes, Italian seasoning, and red pepper flakes (leave them out if you don't want any heat). © 2020 All Rights Reserved by Smack of Flavor. Before draining the pasta, reserve ½ cup of pasta water. If you're at all unsure about the taste of goat cheese, add it in gradually and taste as you go. Set aside. Required fields are marked *. What’s the best shape of pasta to use? I use a heat proof measuring cup to scoop out ½ cup of pasta water right before the pasta is done cooking so I don’t forget. I don't often cook with goat's cheese, but I figured since it's a well-loved ingredient, I should aim to get some more recipes with it on my website. You have successfully joined our subscriber list. I'm so happy to hear that! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. You basically are just melting the cheese (with hot pasta), mixing in pesto and making it the right consistency with pasta water. Hi Cindy! Please see my affiliate disclosure for more details. Recipe Variations Toss about 1 cup of halved grape tomatoes or Pasta water is used to make the creamy sauce because iIt is a natural emulsifier that binds together the cheese and pesto to make the creamy sauce without adding any cream. Big hit and seconds all round until I ran out of pasta. What’s the best shape of pasta to use? Add 1-2 tablespoons of the reserved pasta water and continue to toss. This goat cheese pasta sauce is really easy to make. In a medium saucepan, sauté the onion in the olive oil for 5-7 minutes (ok if it lightly browns). The goat cheese makes the tomato sauce nice and creamy! © 2020 All Rights Reserved by Smack of Flavor, Air Fryer Turkey, Goat Cheese and Pesto Sandwich. This looks delicious! This tomato goat cheese pasta is simple, fresh, and easy to make. What are some other uses for goat cheese? Stir in the goat's cheese and basil (the cheese should melt right in and make the sauce creamy). I wouldn’t because the goat cheese gives a specific tang and creaminess to the dish. I start with one or two tablespoons and start mixing. While the pasta is cooking, add goat cheese crumbles and pesto into a large mixing bowl (larger than you think you’ll need). What kind of goat cheese do you buy? Stir in the garlic and cook for 30 seconds. . Can you add  other veggies into this? If you’re not a fan of goat cheese, I’d recommend looking at another pesto pasta recipe. Awesome!! It also melts very easily because it is a spreadable and soft cheese. If the pasta looks too dry, add a tablespoon and keep stirring. This is a semi soft and fresh cheese so it will not last as long as parmigiano reggiano or other dry and aged cheeses. You can use finely chopped tomatoes (such as Mutti brand offers) if you don't have any crushed tomatoes on hand (they're also fairly thick so it'll give the sauce a good consistency). Serve with the drained pasta (add a splash of the pasta water if you want to thin the sauce out) and freshly grated parmesan cheese if desired. Drain and chop both the artichokes and the sun dried tomatoes. It’s really easy. I like to add goat cheese to sandwiches as a spread or onto salad. https://www.halfbakedharvest.com/caramelized-balsamic-goat-cheese-pasta I added spinach and mushrooms to the recipe and it turned out fantastic. You start by making a tomato sauce base by sautéing the onions and garlic then adding the crushed tomatoes and other seasonings and simmering it for a bit. Update: I also have a Spinach Goat Cheese Pasta recipe now. Pasta with Tomatoes and Goat Cheese recipe | Epicurious.com If the pasta is too watery, keep stirring, it will emulsify. Next, add pesto into the bowl. Thank you! What can you serve with this creamy pesto and goat cheese pasta? If you don't have any fresh basil, you can still make the recipe, but it won't have that pop of freshness. Chicken, chicken or tofu would be great additions to this recipe. Thank you! Using a spider, scoop hot pasta out of the boiling water and put directly into the large mixing bowl. Once it has finished cooking, drain and add the hot pasta directly into the large mixing bowl with goat cheese and pesto. I'm a goat cheese fanatic so this suits me perfectly. A delicious creamy goat cheese and pesto sauce with no cream! If you’re planning on reheating this pasta, I’d add in a little more pesto and a tablespoon or so of pasta water before storing it in the fridge. Cook the pasta in salted water per instructions on the package to al dente. This is a personal preference and I often use whatever is on hand. Thanks for the feedback Jon! So glad you enjoyed it, Pamela! For serving: freshly grated parmesan cheese. Adding sausage sounds like a great variation. Add 1 tablespoon of pasta water until desired consistency.

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