game of thrones season 8 episode 6 explained

The following morning, the siege of King's Landing begins, and the episode turns into a full blown war story. Cersei, meanwhile, has been watching her kingdom fall from the safety of the Red Keep in horror, and Qyburn eventually persuades her to make an orderly escape. Le Trône de fer (Saison 8, épisode 6) de Game of Thrones en streaming illimité et gratuit, résumé de l'épisode : Alors que Daenerys appelle ses hommes à livrer bataille, Arya, Jon et Tyrion sont dépités par le spectacle qui s'offre à eux. Game of Thrones is finally back. But grief eventually turns to joy as, later that evening, a feast is held to celebrate the defeat of the White Walkers. Jon and Dany also have an uncomfortable conversation in private, in which the Dragon Mother begs the former to keep his real identity a secret so she can successfully maintain her claim to the throne. Later that evening, Winterfell's war council settles on a plan of action for the battle ahead. I'm not crying; you're crying. And just like that, the long awaited Cleganebowl begins. She responds by having The Mountain behead Missandei right in front of them, leaving Daenerys enraged, and ready for war. Jon, meanwhile, is avoiding Dany like the plague, cursed with the knowledge that the pair are related following the bombshell reveal Sam unleashed in the last episode. The episode ends at the walls of Cersei's increasingly shrinking kingdom, where Dany, Tyrion, Varys, Grey Worm, and a small group of Unsullied soldiers attempt to hold peace talks with the Queen Mother, asking her to stand down and surrender to avoid any further bloodshed. That's right, we've summarised the entire plot of The Iron Throne, and every other episode in our Game of Thrones season 8 recap below, giving you a bitesize highlight of all the key moments in case you need to catch up or refresh your memory. Winterfell's armies retreat back into the castle, overwhelmed by the sheer number of attackers (RIP Eddison), but another helpful dose of magic from Melisandre to light up the surrounding trench buys them some brief time to recover. Jon, having seen what the new Khaleesi of Westeros is now capable of, is conflicted about his loyalty, and visits Tyrion in his cell for some advice. Meanwhile, Arya finds herself trapped within the Winterfell library, pursued by the enemy, but she's soon rescued by The Hound and Beric, resulting in a noble sacrifice from the latter, as Melisandre reveals protecting the Stark girl was his predestined purpose this whole time. Speaking of romance, Arya and Gendry also embark on a surprise fling after the latter finally crafts the dragonglass spear that Arya has been so desperately craving, while Tyrion, Brienne, Tormund, Davos, Jaime, and Podrick hang out by the warmth of the fire as they await their impending demise. While fans are divided over how HBO wrapped things up for all its interweaving characters over the course of the 70 minute episode, you can't deny that The Iron Throne had its moments for the likes of Jon, Tyrion, Arya, and more, as we go into it in more detail below. The best gaming chairs in 2020: play in comfort and style, The best TV for PS5 and Xbox Series X: get the best experience on next gen consoles. NY 10036. After being knocked unconscious, the Night King's killer awakes to a city strewn with ash, rubble, and corpses, and the episode ends with her riding out amongst the mass graveyard on horseback. But, despite the ringing of the Bells, Daenerys has had enough of being the merciful Queen, and begins a full scale demolition of the city, killing anyone who happens to get caught in Drogon's barrage of flame. We learn that the Unsullied and Dothraki have held onto King's Landing since Dany's death, keeping Jon and Tyrion prisoner while negotiations take place over the fate of the Seven Kingdoms. Les derniers survivants se préparent à la grande guerre contre les marcheurs blancs. Jon himself has arrived at Dragonstone, too, but remains fiercely loyal to his queen despite Varys' attempts to entice him with his true calling as the one true King.

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