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Each FPS season provides students the opportunity to research and engage in 5 topics, representing themes and concepts from the strands of Business & Economics, Social & Political, and Science & Technology. Community Problem Solving ... whanaungatanga play a key role in CmPS as do the values and Key Competencies from the New Zealand Curriculum. FUTURE PROBLEM SOLVING PROGRAM Australia FPS is a research-based, academic program that teaches problem solving strategies, collaboration, critical and creative thinking, and effective communication. FPS is a highly regarded and well-researched international educational program that develops creative, critical and caring thinking skills. Give your students the skills to step into the future by implementing NZ’s successful world-class, authentic problem-solving programme in your school in 2020. CmPS Projects. She has been doing FPS since she was in Yr 6. In FPS, students look to the future by exploring such significant future-focused issues as sustainability, citizenship, enterprise and globalisation. She has represented NZ as an individual at the International Finals 3 times, placing 6th. Students grapple with global and community issues, identify underlying problems, and create positive solutions to … Developed in 1974 by creativity pioneer Dr. E. Paul Torrance, Future Problem Solving (FPS) provides competitive and non-competitive components for today’s curriculum via a six-step model which teaches critical and creative thinking, problem solving, and decision making. to be held at the University of Wisconsin - Lacrosse next June 2017. I'm Pilar Cruz - Year 9 student, aspiring novelist, and your representative to the Future Problem Solving International Finals for Scenario Writing (Middle Division.) (NZC Future Focus Principle) FPSNZ 2013 National Finals Results: Special Awards: Student Service Award - Jessica Schofield Jessica is in Yr 11. Thank you to all of those that participated and Congratulations to all our winners! Robyn Boswell - is our National Director and is the person responsible for introducing Future Problem Solving into New Zealand 20 years ago.She has coached teams to international level, evaluated at International Finals and continues to be a member of the International Evaluating team. This is my second year to be invited to the International Finals. Future Problem Solving New Zealand. We provide a challenging academic programme that already meets the needs of around 2500+ of NZ’s brightest young minds every year. Topics serve as the thematic basis for the Global Issues Problem Solving, Scenario Performance, and Scenario Writing competitions. NZ's future-focused, challenging problem-solving programme. Please Note: Not all of our facilitators may present a workshop in every year. Future Problem Solving New Zealand This highly regarded and well-researched international educational program develops creative, critical, and caring thinking skills in students years 1–13. Give your students the skills to step into the future by implementing NZ’s successful world-class, authentic problem solving programme in your school. Facilitators . Future Problem Solving is a programme that is creating futures by providing young New Zealanders with life-long skills which will allow them participate in society as confident, productive citizens. Do you teach about the future, for the future? 630 likes. 5th and 1st. Is your school future-focused? This is the Awards Ceremony for the 2020 FPSNZ National Finals.

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