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heller, my name is bill. I just moved back to NE a few months ago and spotted the Jubilee Roll at Market Basket in the beginning of November. Mix with a mixer till well blended, spread over rolls. i’ve been trying to find these again forever! My daughter who now has children in their 20’s still reminds me to make sure I get one. It continued on to my Children and Grandchildren. I love them and feel so sad when they are gone again. Natural and artificial flavor, artificial color added. Will be sticky, cover with a cloth set aside till doubled in size. A chocolate ice cream center surrounded by chocolate chip ice cream, topped with fudge, chopped almonds, red and green candy chips, and what Friendly’s refers to as “an ice cream ribbon.” I just call it “the pink part,” aka “the best part.” It tasted like ice cream and frosting had a party, but that might have just been my imagination working overtime. I’ve been looking for you…. The grocery stores NO LONGER carry them in the Massachusetts area-so I have been going to the local Friendly’s restaurant to pick them up. Bake 400 degrees 10-15 minutes till tops are golden brown. I’m talking, of course, about the Friendly’s Jubilee Roll, the ultimate festive ice cream treat. Well, at the grocery store, anyway. Punch down dough, roll out onto a floured surface. Cut into 1-2 inch sections. Friendly's® Spumoni Roll Limited Edition Ice Cream Dessert Roll.Premium cherry almond & pistachio ice creams, decorated with pistachio & chocolate ice cream ribbons, marshmallow topping & chopped almonds.Back by popular See more... demand! Bring home a Friendly's tradition. Friendly's New Personal-Sized Ice Cream Cake Tastes Exactly Like A Creamsicle. A New England holiday tradition, the Friendly's Jubilee Roll combines two kinds of ice cream with fudge, nuts, and sprinkles into the ultimate take-home treat. Supposedly you can buy them at Walmart, however I have gone to three stores and they don’t have them either. After moving to NC was very excited to see Friendly Ice Cream in my local grocers freezer but have never seen the Holiday Jubilee Roll. Way to take care of your core customers! In a large bowl all water, yeast, sugar, eggs, butter and salt. Merry, merry! Every November, I watch for it — the first official sign that the Christmas season has arrived. Miss not having it since it brinngs back so many memories. Right out to my local stop and shop and bought 2… I hope they make it to Christmas Day…I may have to get more. It has since closed. My husband and I love this yummy treat from Friendly’s. i remember there being a bunch of different brands that made something similar too. Reading this article reminded me of this delicious ice cream treat. Sliced, served, and maybe even topped with more hot fudge and a little whipped cream, it’s ice-cold Christmas on a plate. So disappointing that another New England memory is not available. How Sad if true. Artificial coloring added. We love cinnamon rolls at our house but these are a fun way to change up a family favorite. We have been eating it for years. I wish they had something like this out here in Utah or at least a Friendly’s Ice Cream Store. Cones and Dishes. As I have only lived in the US for 20 years, I did not know about the long-standing tradition of having a Friendly’s Jubilee roll. The Jubilee Roll is a tradition. Refreshing watermelon and lemon sherbet with rich chocolate chips seeds. It is my fiancés childhood favorite Christmas dessert and we haven’t been able to find it in the last 7 years living in the midwest! Then we just stopped getting it for many years and then I rediscovered it last year and really enjoyed it. Do you look forward to a Friendly’s Jubilee Roll each year? Three days before Christmas and they were sold out of an Icecream roll????? I saw just yesterday that they are having it again for the Christmas season. Yes, and the raspberry lime Rickey on a hot summer day. If you prefer to enjoy your ice cream at home, however, Friendly’s also offers take-home options, including cartons of ice cream, sundae cups, ice cream bars and cones, and novelty ice cream “rolls” like the Jubilee Roll. Set in a warm sunny spot and allow to rise again (15-20 minutes). My favorite part is seeing all the lights and Christmas decorations going up out side. Oh how we love the Holiday Jubilee Roll, too! Sadly, Jubilee Rolls are no longer sold at Stop and Shop or Shaw’s in Rhode Island. where can i find them?! My all time favorite was the Big Beef sandwich served on toast. There are no longer any Friendly stores in RI, and I don’t want to drive to North Attleboro to find one. Then I got there when the truck was unloading one day, and the grocer brought two up to me. In a large bowl all water, yeast, sugar, eggs, butter and salt. Refreshing orange sherbet with rich white chocolate chips and our premium vanilla ice cream. They stopped serving it on toast but you could still have it served that way if you requested it. KanCan Denim | 0-3XL for $49.99 (was $69.99) 2 days only. When we moved to Florida there was a Friendly’s nearby. Today, there are nearly 400 Friendly’s locations throughout the eastern United States, most of them in the Northeast. I asked the manager when they would be getting more and was told they were sold out and Friendly’s was not going to make anymore. A most wonderful treat that should be available as many of us grew up with this at the holidays. Thanks for sharing. Share your memories with us in the comments! Jubilee Roll was a must have growing up. The only thing available at the grocery stores was Friendly’s Celebration Roll. We had all the way into twenties but now do not have Friendlies or a store near me. My Christmas list was complete. I will make a point of getting them again each Christmas. 119,774 were here. It was always a special treat with hot fudge drizzled with homemade whipped cream. Buffalo-raised, Chicagoan adult. Description. Bring home a Friendly's tradition. The first sign that Christmas for me, is when Thanksgiving is over, and here comes Black Friday. Leftover Stuffing Egg Nests with Cornbread and Sausage, Yankee Magazine’s Ultimate New England Winter Guide, Yankee Magazine’s Ultimate New England Summer Guide, 63 Reasons Why We Love the Cape & Islands, Yankee Magazine’s Ultimate Guide to Autumn in New England, Get Rid of Skunk Odor | Methods to Deskunk Your Dog, 10 Prettiest Coastal Towns in New England. We have been hosting Christmas Eve for over years. Create your own ice cream masterpiece and top it off with whatever you like. Would love to have them again. Since we no longer live in the northeast (Now Las Vegas, NV) we can no longer enjoy Friendly’s. Founded in 1935 by the Blake Brothers of Springfield, Massachusetts, Friendly’s is a New England-based family dining restaurant chain that’s mostly known for its ice cream. A Thrifty Mom – Recipes, Crafts, DIY and more, Orange Creamsicle Roll Recipe ~ #Breakfast #Dessert #Recipe, Target Coupon Matchups 3/23-3/29~Iams, Zest, Post cereal and more, Weekly Amazon Roundup ~ So Many Thrifty Deals To Choose From Last Week…, Chicken salad made with rotisserie chicken. This post contains our affiliate... Order Here---> Cute Popcorn Hooded Pullover | S-XL for $22.99 (was $47.99) 2 days only. Take a break and read about all of your favorite locations that made the Best of New England Hall of Fame. Popcorn Hooded Pullover | S-XL for $22.99 (was $47.99) 2 days only. Wish we had a Friendly’s in California that Jubilee Roll sounds and looks yummy!!!!!! Fudge, chopped almonds, and red and green candy chips make the Jubilee Roll more than just a “slice” of ice cream. i didn’t think they still made them. This setting should only be used on your home or work computer. Jubilee Rolls we’re always on my Christmas Eve menu. Place in a greased  9×13 baking pan (recipe makes 2 pans). It wouldn’t be Christmas without the Jubilee Roll. This recipe is such a bright way to start the morning, sweet yet fresh and finger licking good! Is There a Difference Between Dressing and Stuffing? This is hard to do they are just to yummy not to eat. Just bought 2 of them. We have had the Jubilee Roll for our Christmas dessert for at least the past 30 years. Would have forgotten about the Jubilee Roll until this article. Order Here----> Cute KanCan Denim | 0-3XL for $49.99 (was $69.99) 2 days only. I can hardly wait for the jubilee roll to appear at my supermarket. Read full article. I gave up ever seeing a Jubilee Roll again but saw FIVE available in my loval JewelOsco! Hello, Jubilee Roll! we dont know what to do with the overstock. Mix well then add (one cup at a time) 6 cups flour. I have been looking for this wonderful treat from my childhood for years.

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