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Only a couple of places in England have water containing enough fluoride to grant caution necessary – parts of Essex and Hartlepool, and really there is only a slight risk of fluorosis. It's at this stage when permanent teeth begin to form underneath the 'milk' teeth. In the most extensive cases of fluorosis, the teeth which have become discoloured can be covered with dental restorations like veneers or crowns. To ensure that it is fluorosis you will be asked questions regarding your childs’ health, diet, oral hygiene and whether or not they are exposed to fluoride in water, toothpaste or supplements. Teeth whitening. It can only affect children between the ages of one and four as the permanent teeth are developing, and after the age of eight it is unlikely that too much fluoride will affect the teeth. How to Prevent Dental Fluorosis Your dentist will give your child an examination and it is possible that they will also take some X-rays to search for other defects in the teeth. The main characteristic of fluorosis is the stains which form on the teeth when yellow and brown spots begin to appear on the enamel of the tooth. « Orthognathic Surgery Generally the marks caused by fluorosis are very small, and hardly visible and often occurs only on the back teeth. Are the stains from Fluorosis superficial or does the damage go much deeper. Fluorosis is the appearance of white spots, marks, or stains on the teeth that are caused by childhood overexposure to fluoride. Small cases of fluorosis are hardly noticeable so that only your dentist will see them, although over time it is likely that they will darken in appearance. document.write(dt.getDate() + " " + monthNames[dt.getMonth()] + " " + y); Introduction to dental diseases, conditions and surgery, Further Information about Dental Treatment. "August","September","October","November","December"); The first step is a consultation with your dental professional. In minor cases of fluorosis the discolourations can be so tiny that only your dentist will notice them. Stains and discoloured spots can also appear as streaks and in the more severe cases, black and gray spots or pits can develop. Your dentist will give your child a thorough oral examination and may take some X-ray photographs to scan for any other defects in the teeth. If your child has an excess of fluoride in their diet while their permanent teeth are developing, this can bring about the noticeable signs of fluorosis. Similarly, the discolouration associated with fluorosis can often occur only on the back of your teeth, where they can't be spotted. The colour changes can range from minor tinges to extensive changes in the enamel's surface. Dental Fluorosis Symptoms Mild forms of dental fluorosis can result in discoloration of teeth, usually appearing as white lace-like marks on the surface of teeth. Teeth Whitening Tips: Is There a Way to Treat Fluorosis? More severe forms of dental fluorosis have larger areas of discoloration and, in rare severe cases, rough pits or pock-like marks on the enamel surface. It's also important to make them spit after brushing rather than swallowing. Although fluorosis isn't a disease in itself, it can be a very noticeable cosmetic condition. By bleaching the surrounding tooth enamel, the white marks become less obvious or disappear completely. Are there any long term teeth sensitivity issues 3. var dt = new Date(); Fluorosis can lead to the permanent marking of teeth, leaving discoloured marks on the enamel.

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