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In Chinese it is called 綠鱈. egg white and starch does contribute to gel strength of the surimi (that is what you are making after all). It can be used to stuff eggplant, bitter melon or other vegetables, made into fish balls, or formed into cake and deep-fried. i found this only today.i used a food processor as i do not want to strain my hand and shoulders doing the traditional beating to make it “springy”. the ingredient list is great. Yes, you can fry the fish balls made from this recipe. Hi Kian, thanks for the recipe. white fish (pollock) I strongly suggest you get arrowroot starch for this recipe and not cornstarch. Thanks for visiting Red Cook and commenting., 3 tablespoons arrowroot starch (can be substituted with tapioca starch or cornstarch). Thanks. Can you let me know how to freeze the fish balls for later use? To form fish balls put a handful of the paste in your palm. It can be found in many natural food stores. Happy anniversary Kian! depending on the fish species, this is at about 50 degrees celsius for 30 minutes. We enjoyed this fish balls during our Chinese New Year hot pot dinner. You should only freeze cooked fish balls and not the raw fist paste. I made it for Winter Solstice hot pot dinner. any tips on how to improve the ‘bounce’ of fish balls? Cut up the fish into 1/2-inch cubes. Not all fish is suitable for making fish paste with – mackerel, featherback and redfish are popular because of their “starchiness”. Pulse, adding another ½ cup water in stages until a bouncy paste is achieved. Hi jsager, You’re right that certain fish are better for making fish balls than others. Sorry, I meant 2tbsp tapioca for 1 tbsp cornstarch in my previous comment.*. If you wish to keep it longer I suggest you make fish balls and cook the paste. Thanks. Yes, fish paste is actually quite easy to make using food processor. Fish paste probably won't ever reach meat paste levels of popularity in Chinese and Vietnamese cookery—they rely too heavily on it for charcuterie and dumplings—but the pulverized fish and shrimp still plays a fairly prominent role. I may even give these a whirl. Put all the ingredients, except for the ice cubes, into a food processor and whizz until the mixture is … My little one loves fish balls so hopefully my attempt will be successful and don’t have to buy the store ones anymore! Thank you so much This is especially helpful to me since im making major dietary changes for health reasons. I think it does create a better texture. But now I am stuck with using the tapioca starch. Another easy recipe that looks fancy is Mafaldine with Shrimp and Lemon, a zesty and buttery dish made with what may be the most whimsical pasta shape ever. Scrape the fish meat with a metal spoon. Can I make this a day in advance & refrigerate without cooking it or would the bouncy texture be lost Do boil the fish balls until they are cooked through before deep-frying them. Remind me of my mom.. . I also made a shrimp paste by substituting equal amount of shrimp for the fish in the same recipe. in Hakka-style Yong Tau Foo). Yes, you will need the egg white and the starch to bind the pulverized fish. I live in Seattle so seafood is always plentiful. Thanks for your kind words and I’m very glad you enjoyed the fish paste recipe. So I suggest you make all the fish paste into balls. Adjusting the amount of egg white and starch can vary the texture. Even today, before I eat any fishball, squid/fish balls or meatballs, that’s what am looking for. Also I assume these can be made into fish cakes by pan frying?? I’m starving! Then form the fish balls and put them spaced evenly on a flat tray. I am in a region where there aren’t many Chinese people, and so there is no specialised grocery carrying fish balls. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. FYI fish paste can be mixed with minced meat or minced dried shrimp in some recipes or variations of same (eg. Tilapia also seems to work OK, except that i prefer salt water fish. Fettuccine is tossed in this rich, silky sauce with sautéed shrimp and peas. Hey, when your mom is a teacher in School where there are 22 different dialects, your palate gets braodened “smartened up” early on !I am so glad to find your blog, and in particular this recipe! One of my best friends Ala was the son of a Chinese restaurateur when Food was done in the true Asian style(early 1970’s). You can definitely use any tilapia meat for making fish paste! My wife and I went to that popular Italian-American restaurant chain for dinner recently, and I had their shrimp and chicken carbonara. However, after reading your recipe I think it makes much more sense. Ooops! I have to apologize for the mistake. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. In most Asian household fish paste is normally bought from the fishmongers because it is presumed to be a laborious proposition to make at home. We should always keep food below 40F when holding or setting. the fish types that i have better success is what is sold here as ‘lake victoria bass’ which is actually a giant fresh water perch. Thanks. I used True Cod. Fish paste probably won't ever reach meat paste levels of popularity in Chinese and Vietnamese cookery—they rely too heavily on it for charcuterie and dumplings—but the pulverized fish and shrimp still plays a fairly prominent role. I just tried a recipe using frozen cod and it worked out terribly. Some of my expert ‘Aunties’ said you must have bouncy fishballs to prove it’s delicious LOL. Hello, I am glad I found this recipe! Occasionally you can still find a traditional fish paste store using these ancient tools. Would I need twice the amount of tapioca starch? AS usual, your blog is wonderful and kept reminded me as part of my heritage. Under hot and humid conditions you could use a combination of ice cubes and water to process the fish, to prevent it from “cooking”. Looking forward to trying your recipe. It was nasty. Scoop the paste into a bowl and refrigerate for about an hour before using. Thank you for the recipe. I am just wondering if instead of using ice cubes, can i just use frozen fish since that is what I am able to find most of the time anyway. Now though, we can make fish paste successfully in the home kitchen using a food processor. Peiling, Pollack belongs to the cod family of fish. I am actually a Black woman who was raised on the North side of Chicago, so at a young age, I was exposed to many different cultures. Can i make fish paste from these small tilapias in order to help create market for them and help put a smile on faces of these frustrated farmers. Perhaps it is 50 F. But even at 50 F I think it is a bit high. Everyone thought I was a great chef for making perfect bouncing fish balls. Excellent instructions. does it matter egg yolk or egg white as i saw else where 1 egg? Stir and mix well. Very simple and yet tastes so good. Frozen fish balls maintain their taste and texture for a few months. You can use frozen fish if it is already cut into small enough pieces to be blended in a food processor.

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