fender vintera '60s stratocaster review

But it feels far from cheap and not a million miles away from the American Performers or even Professionals. The guitars also highlight what a phenomenal build the original Stratocasters were, as they really haven’t changed much overall. Our ’60s Strat really would give the latter a run for its money, even though its neck is slightly less deep in higher positions and the fretwire, as we said, is slightly wider and a little lower. Our Strat swaps bright white plastic parts for a three-ply mint green scratchplate and aged white pickup covers and knobs. The Sea Foam Green finish is a great addition as it feels inherently 50s and features three vintage-style ‘50s Strat single-coil pickups with dedicated tone controls for neck/mid and bridge respectively. © All the guitars feature the iconic triple singlecoil pickups and vintage-style tremolos. Beginning with the ‘60s model, this particular guitar is a Three-Colour Sunburst with an aged, 3-ply mint green pickguard – a really nice touch. That said, the Strat has attack to it than a vintage-spec, but retains some bite from the bridge. Offered in vintage and Modified versions, our 60s-era Strat replaces the historical rosewood fingerboard with pau ferro. The Vintera Series continues into the '60s, some of the most creatively vibrant, if also turbulent and transformational, years in modern history. Fender’s recent Vintera range has been a decent replacement for the Big F’s Mexican-made Classic range, and its 60s Jazz basses come in three color options –three-tone Sunburst, Daphne Blue and Firemist Gold. BA1 1UA. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, when rock and roll began, right? The reorganised range comprises seven Telecasters, five Stratocasters, a pair of both Jazzmasters and Jaguars, and a single Mustang. But tonal shade aside, it sounds like a Strat and as we get used to its mettle, it does the job and proves quite the all-rounder. From the weight to the fretwork - which uses medium jumbo wire, “the perfect marriage between small vintage frets and modern jumbo,” says Fender - there is a consistency and ‘perfectly good enough’ level to this guitar. Either side of these are the Mexican Player series (previously the Standards), priced between £599 and £729, excluding gigbag, and the start-up American Performer series, which refreshed the American Specials, with a tighter price span of £999 to £1,049, including a gigbag. The two ‘50s inspired models, in this case a ‘50s Modified Two-Colour Sunburst and a more straight-down-the-line ‘50s Strat in Sea Foam Green are a step up again. Again, a synthetic bone nut and vintage-style tremolo finish the guitar. Vintage style frets litter the 25.5” scale length and sit nicely in the neck featuring a 7.25” radius that is fairly convex by today’s standards. Reviews Electric Guitars Review: Fender Vintera ’50s Telecaster, ’60s Jazzmaster Modified & ’70s Stratocaster The new Vintera series offers serious Fender guitars for not a lot of money. England and Wales company registration number 2008885. Reviewed: Fender Vintera Series Stratocasters The Vintera Series of Stratocasters are redesigned models from the 50s, 60s and 70s and feature variations on pickups, neck profiles and body woods, as well as maple or pau ferro fingerboards. The Classic series replacements are the standard vintage-spec models - all 21 frets with 184mm (7.25-inch) fingerboard radius – while the Modified models replace certain Classic Players, vintage hot-rods if you like. Fender Vintera '60s Stratocaster Modified deals, We check over 130 million products every day for the best prices. Setup, too, is very good. The lightweight alder body and maple neck combine to make a bright and resonant body that's been loved by players for decades. The Hot ‘50s Strat pickups overall are more solid and full. Instead of the classic rosewood board, Fender has … The “mid-'60s C”-shaped neck has a 7.25”-radius maple fingerboard with 21 vintage-style frets for classic playing feel. Perfection is an elusive, mostly impossible ideal. Both new versions use vintage-style 60s single coils; our modded versions are classed as ‘hot’. But damn, the Fender Telecaster comes close. The Strat’s screw-in arm is a little sloppy in feel (there’s no tension adjustment) unless you screw it in very firmly, and the high E saddle is so close to the pivot post that as you bend the vibrato down it makes contact and pushes the saddle back a little. Overall, the Vintera series of Stratocasters from Fender are a great set of guitars, whether you’re a Fender player or not. There’s a strong NOS vibe, too: the finish and hardware gleam and shine, although it has an accurately toned neck finish with silky smooth satin back. Reviewed: Fender Vintera Series Stratocasters. Plugged in, the Modified ‘50s Vintera Strat is instantly rockier than its ‘60s counterpart. No surprises, but we’re far from disappointed. Different settings on the five-way toggle between the three Vintage-Style ’60s singlecoil Strat pickups are reminiscent mostly of coveted players like Eric Clapton or Jimi Hendrix, allowing you to have big fat bluesy leads or phasey, thin tones to help you pop in and out of a mix of blues and rock. The Modified Strat is alder, but features three Hot ‘50s Strat singlecoil pickups that respond more dynamically because of more modern components and a hotter output. Straight of the box, the guitar has a spanky and demanding response, and produces a fat, creamy tone when plugged in. This Modified model is essentially the same as the previous Classic Player version with a Modern C profile neck (the vintage model has a mid-60s C), although the 305mm (12-inch) fingerboard radius of that previous model has been reined back to 241mm (9.5 inches). Here, the vibratos also differ: from the six-saddle vintage-style of the vintage version to the ‘improved’ two-post style of our modded model. The tone from this Strat is easily the most unique of the three – but in the best way. Three down, 14 to go... Don't miss the latest deals, news, reviews, features and tutorials. As we begin running through the sounds, there really aren’t any surprises - or any sounds we haven’t heard dozens of times before.

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