fabricated metal products examples

Check out a selection of products that we have created in the gallery below. This kind of metal fabrication also includes items like metal decks, platforms, railings, and hand railings. Happy Customers! Learn about the challenge and the solutions we create for sheet metal, frames, and high end products. Common fabrication techniques include welding, lathing, broaching, grinding, milling and honing, though many metal fabrication shops offer a variety of specialties that may be well-suited to your specific needs. Tanks and Shipping Containers This type of metal fabrication includes a number of larger metal products. 207.283.0115 Metal fabrication is the creation of metal parts, machinery, or components through forming, cutting, and other like processes. Rebar used in concrete and bar joists are good examples of this. If it’s made out of metal, we can probably fabricate it. It usually consists of iron, a smaller amount of chromium, or other metals such as nickel and molybdenum. Structural and Building Metals. Stainless steel fabricated products can benefit from stainless steel’s alloy makeup. Here are examples of products we’ve fabricated. Roll formers, for example, involve long series of rollers in different configurations that are used to bend raw metal into useful products. View our custom sheet metal fabrication product examples. Fabricated metal products are produced by fabrication processes. These processes range in complexity, expense and labor intensity and can be used to create stock products and custom fabrications . I have been working with Milwaukee Metal Products for years now, they were very instrumental in helping me start my business.

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