explain logical equivalence with the help of example

For example, an equivalence relation with exactly two infinite equivalence classes is an easy example of a theory which is ω-categorical, but not categorical for any larger cardinal number. Examples of Propositions. Logical equivalence is a type of relationship between two statements or sentences in propositional logic or Boolean algebra. Tautology and Logical equivalence Denitions: A compound proposition that is always True is called atautology. If A and B … Sample Fraction Equivalence Activities (1–4) College- and Career-Ready Standards: 3.NF.3. Two propositions p and q arelogically equivalentif their truth tables are the same. 8 Examples of False Equivalence posted by Anna Mar , April 21, 2016 updated on May 25, 2018 False equivalence is an argument that two things are much the same when in fact they are not. The relation translates verbally into "if and only if" and is symbolized by a double-lined, double arrow pointing to the left and right ( ). In propositional logic, propositions are the statements that are either true or false but not both. If p and q are logically equivalent, we write p q . Two propositions are said to be logically equivalent if and only if the columns in the truth table are identical to each other. Equivalence relations and mathematical logic. In logic and mathematics, statements and are said to be logically equivalent if they are provable from each other under a set of axioms, or have the same truth value in every model. Types of Propositions- Atomic Proposition and Compound Proposition. ¡ Understand two fractions as equivalent (equal) if they are the same size or occupy the same point on the number line. Namely, p and q arelogically equivalentif p $ q is a tautology. Logical equivalence: Logical equivalence is one of the features of propositional logic. Let's take two propositions A and B, so for logical equivalence, we can write it as A⇔B. Equivalence relations are a ready source of examples or counterexamples. c Xin He (University at Buffalo) CSE 191 Discrete Structures 22 / 37. Explain equivalence of fractions in special cases and compare fractions by reasoning about their size. For example, the truth table of p v ~p shows it is a tautology.

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