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SDN has some comments but it looks like new registration and single post reviews and looks much more suspect. If you see positive feedback about it, it's probably from them, not from a paid source. I didn't particularly like the AAFP questions. Even before that, the content was primarily DSM-5 oriented. [Clinical] Resources for Family Medicine Shelf? Kaplan I found it best for extra practice once I already knew the stuff since I felt they took me to the limits of my knowledge in really unfair (but very good for learning) way. This thread is archived. I think I can chime in here. anki+ all NBMEs(annotate them with correct answers)+uworld+emma holiday+whatever rotation specific book people recommend=sexy sex, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the medicalschool community, Press J to jump to the feed. Path. Don't forget the NBME practice exams and Emma Holiday. To support the Reddit community further, I've programmed the following code for 20% off this month: REDDIT20. Lots of typos though and watch out for some minor mistakes in explanations. 11. Emma Holliday FWIW, I scored very well above average for all my exams except FM (scored a 71) and psych (scored average at 81). How does a family medicine physician get into wound care? Plastics Posse. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, http://www.med-ed.virginia.edu/CourseSites/display.cfm?keyID=1154. report. thanks. I did it before the AAFP questions and found those that had been covered to be easy. Psych. I'm one of the founders of the company and have been in the test prep industry for over 8 years. Interface is a decent mock-up of NBME software. Psychiatry: Our psychiatry author happened to also be the physician editor of most of the family medicine questions, so these should not vary much in style/quality. I was able to get through like 200 of the 350ish questions and felt those were really helpful. Thanks . I was the editor for the entire psychiatry shelf Qbank and I also edited most of the FM shelf Qbank. Anything that is missed by them is often commented on by students using our platform and corrected the same day. Psych. We'll need to see if/where we can add attributions to those who comment on questions. 167 comments. best. AAFP Family Medicine Board Review Questions Just need to make an account through aafp . Regarding the "unproven" comment - Many of my students (at WashU med school) have used the psych shelf bank as part of a beta testing phase during which we were ironing out the kinks - I have been open with them about the fact that I write for ExamGuru. Here is what I did for my shelves: OME all the content in that section w/ a little FA from step 1 sprinkled in. I wanted to address any questions that you have. level 1. Vascular Surgery. Edit: We've lowered the price from $49 to $37 based on this feedback. Archived [Clinical] Resources for Family Medicine Shelf? PM&R. Kaplan is too detailed and not exam-focused imho. Emergency Medicine; Family Medicine; Internal Medicine; Ob/Gyn; Pediatrics; Psychiatry; Surgery; USMLE Step 2-CK; Testimonials; Become an Ambassador; Contact Us ; Buy Now × USMLE and shelf exam question banks … Are there a lot of DSM V changes to exam questions where doing questions written in DSM IV, would make us get it wrong for this testing calendar year? 1 year ago. Urology. We're also updating the platform weekly and value all of the feedback and feature requests. In the last week, a classmate told me about ExamGuru questions. Thoracic Surgery. Typos/grammar errors: While our physician editors also look for errors, the questions go through a professional copy editor before upload. I haven't met any real people that tried it or anything. I think some of them even posted feedback online. Family medicine is a great rotation but you’ll be on your heels every day.

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