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For orders placed in an Upwell structure, the Broker Fee is paid to the structure owner instead of being sunk out of the game. For reference, this 1% compares to the 3%-5% range that is possible at NPC stations (depending on skills and standings), so player-hosted markets will continue to be the most competitive places to run a trade empire. As mentioned above, a way to reduce the modification fee with a skill is being provided. The skill's former ability to reduce the amount of ISK placed into escrow when creating a buy order is going to be removed. Creating a more equal playing field for market users and handing the advantage back to those who make educated pricing calls is a clear statement of intent in the fight against botting. The Margin Trading skill is absolutely necessary for straightup traders. This is a slower process but requires nothing but capital. I need to be able to put all those orders up to stay competitive with the 0.1 iskers. Verify prices are accurate. These are highlighted in full below. Orders change frequently. Needless to say, the market and the behaviors of players when these changes go live will be closely monitored. The standard Relist Discount on the total price brokerage fee has been set by the SCC at 50%. Here's an overview of the changes that are being made. Placing buy orders at a station for the buy price. Rather than introduce a new skill, the debated Margin Trading skill is being re-purposed, which also ties into the EVE Online's strong new player focus. The fee includes a new additional component, the Relist Charge. As discussed above, there is a desire to follow some real-world examples in how markets can operate, so this change is heavily influenced by the way that regular stock/commodity markets handle pricing. No ships or storage requirements. Any points trained into Margin Trading will now apply to Advanced Broker Relations instead. Further adjustments will be made as necessary, but for now, any open feedback and discussions from the community are welcome as usual, so feel free to head on over to the discussion thread on the EVE Online Forums to take part. Be sure to completely understand what information you are searching for in order to minimize the number of results returned to your browser. Rather than introduce a new skill, the debated Margin Trading skill is being re-purposed, which also ties into the EVE Online's strong new player focus. Advanced Broker Relations increases that discount by 5 percentage points per level, permitting a discount of 75% at level 5. Finding the most profitable trade routes based on given filter parameters. Once again, the commitment to fighting botting in all its forms in EVE is absolutely firm, and moving forward with these changes means that the market and the player behavior involved will be closely monitored once these changes are live and in your hands. Increasing the modification costs will mean that the strategy of always modifying every order as quickly as possible will quickly become unprofitable. Verify that ROI is not negative when considering tax and broker fees. One thing I noticed about the market (speaking about Jita and surroundings here) It's 95% diligent dudes or no life order babysitters who sit there staring at their orders all day, 4% bots and 1% manipulators and scammers. These two modifications cost them a total of. Having monitored player behavior before and after these summer changes to taxes & fees, further alterations to the market will be made. Important note: Existing orders at the time of this change coming into effect will keep their current pricing. The intent behind these upcoming changes is to support a healthy and live open market, allowing competition to remain fair between players. Existing structure settings that are currently below 1% will be updated to this new minimum. Each level of this skill adds 5 percentage points to the standard Relist Discount of 50%. Ability to make potentially risky investments work in your favor. The resulting amount is added to the increment charge calculated in the first step. If such an order is subsequently modified, then the new price must conform to the new tick rules. Proficiency at negotiating the brokerage cost of relisting a market order at a new price. It will therefore take up to 90 days (the maximum player order duration) until all player orders fit this new rule. A Relist Discount is then applied to the Broker Fee rate and the discounted rate then applied to the total new price. Note that the second graph is just a zoomed-in version of the first, with the initial "0 modifications" column removed. The Broker Relations update will be launching 10 March, and included in the release will be changes to the mechanics around creating and updating orders on the in-game market. Orders change frequently. Each level of skill reduces the percentage of ISK placed in market escrow when entering buy orders. EVE's open world MMORPG sandbox, renowned among online space games, lets you choose your own path and engage in combat, exploration, industry and much more. CCP please reconsider keeping the trade margin skill. The total brokerage costs for relisting are calculated in two steps: The full Broker Fee rate is applied to the increment by which the price has changed if the new price is an increase to determine the brokerage cost of raising the asking price. The EVE Online trading tool that lets you discover what to trade between stations and regions. This is in addition to the regular Broker Charge that covers the increase between old and new order value. Change: Order prices can only be specified with a maximum precision of 4 significant figures. A starting region, and a destination is required. It is highly recommended to only search from SELL Orders to BUY Orders. Therefore, the modification fee also reflects the fact that the order creator is able to extend the lifetime of an order indefinitely. Hold Shift to add all stations in a system. The more systems added, the longer the query will take. The skill's old ability to create a Want-To-Buy order with only partial ISK escrow is removed, so all WTB orders will require 100% escrow to be paid up front. Some recommended settings: ROI Greater Than 250% | Profits Greater Than 100,000,000 ISK. The prohibited use of automation techniques used by malicious players on the in-game market is a frequent subject of discussion, so there is absolute commitment to fighting bots in New Eden. Therefore two changes are being made to markets in Upwell structures: Change: Increase the ISK fees that are charged when modifying an order. Last summer, permanent changes to both the sales taxes and broker fees for the market were implemented. Once the buy order is filled, you sell the items at the same station for the cheapest price. The skill's former ability to reduce the amount of ISK placed into escrow when creating a buy order is going to be removed. Charging structure owners a new tax on this broker fee income. For more information see: Station Trading 101. The way this is being changed is the introduction of a "Relist Charge" component into the modification fee. There will now also be changes to the fees for modifying active buy/sell orders. The removal will greatly hurt the market (less investments) and the small trader.

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