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Is it that easy? Best ZWO cameras for planetary imaging and deep-sky (DSO) astrophotography, SkyWatcher EQ6R-pro: User review AFTER 6 MONTHS, Pillars of creation and Eagle Nebula: astrophotography, I love Astrophotography - Astroforum Unisex Hoodie, The Horsehead Nebula in HaRGB - Astroforum, Seven Essential Steps to Start Astrophotography. It makes it easier when making decisions about which one to buy, or whether to tune your mount. Key:  *With EQ Wedge  **Avg Guided RMS (Customer supplied)  @Focal length (tested OTA's on customer data) More data please!!! The term "equatorial", applies to any mount having an axle that can be aligned toward the celestial pole. That's where reliability comes in and the closer you get to the limit, then the less more critical your balancing will need to be as your telescope changes orientation. Mono or Colour Camera for Astrophotography? 0Table 3 (06/03/2020) Higher end EQ mounts Arc-second Unguided/Guided PE Performance, Key: *Customer/Test data  ^PemPro/PPEC/TDM   **PHD Data  ∆ (stock), Have a read of this data table for other brands and models: http://lambermont.dyndns.org/astro/pe.html. Not just hypertuned mounts (as no other tuner seems to publish any data for comparison to stock mount on this scale...), but ALL equatorial mounts and compare them online. . It's not just all down to the figures though. That honor falls to the Orion EQ1 equatorial telescope mount, but that has a rather modest payload capacity of 7 pounds that you will soon What is interesting is that our mount Bonneville EQ6 rebuilds meet the Pierro Astro EVO6 head-on with similar PE of circa ±8 arcsecs. It will be reviewed and set live soon. All the information supplied is independent, real-world data unless stated. We did this under warranty, which means our mounts have proven to be very reliable tracking platforms. I’ve compared five planetary telescopes from $500 to $1250 on a number of criteria. Not really if you look at the sums. One Reply to “Equatorial Mount comparison table from $700 to $2000 including reported periodic error” Pingback: The Mount – Astrodogger's Blog Leave a Reply Cancel reply For a detailed review of beginner level mounts in the $700 to $1200 price range, click here. . An equatorial mount has one rotational axis parallel to the Earth’s axis of rotation. If you're guiding or just tracking within or under your limits of seeing, then you are doing really good. Orion SkyView Pro Equatorial GoTo Telescope Mount $800 The least expensive mount I would recommend for anything other than playing is the Orion SkyView Pro Equatorial GoTo Telescope Mount . Oh, it needs to do it with your telescope of choice, DLSR or CCD, guidescope and guide camera. Top of the tree are the Paramounts with 7 arc-seconds RMS (±3.8 arcsec) across their range. Image: Cropped Single Frame 72mm WO Megrez 72+0.8xFRIII (537mm focal length) modded EOS450D ISO100 3600secs on DarkFrame Hypertuned HEQ5 guided with QHY5L-II mono with 50mm WO Guide scope. Also, I’ve looked at requirements that are … Continue readingBest ZWO cameras for planetary imaging and deep-sky (DSO) astrophotography, CategoriesReviewsPosted onSeptember 10, 2020September 10, 2020AuthorAstroforum, I’ve owned the SkyWatcher EQ6R-Pro mount for about 6 months and after engaging in 14 imaging sessions, it’s about time to write a decent user review. Short answer: Payload and Focal Length vs Exposure. I had the same question and decided to do some research. Of course not, this is Astronomy! For example, the Orion EQ-1 equatorial telescope mount pictured below requires you to manually control the axis of the mount … Just as accurate and cheaper. 0Interestingly, the Sky-Watcher EQ6-R has shaped up to be a great mount. Data on our latest Build Type v6.3.x with its enhanced build package improve guided performance by up to 0.3 of an arc-second over the previous build type, and at least twice as good as any Rowan Belt Kit install you'd attempt yourself. One of them will coincide with Earth’s rotational axis and will track the right ascension of the target. This list which has been around for awhile lists over 120 mounts stated and independently quoted via owners and forums. Equatorial (also called German equatorial mounts) Alt-Azimuth (also referred to as Alt-Az mounts) They are constructed slightly differently and so track differently: Alt-Az mounts move in two directions – up and down and side to side – whereas equatorial mounts can move at … If you don't need the AZ feature then yes, and in the UK market it is a lower price than the AZEQ6GT. With guiding, some mounts are more equal than others. I'm certain they wanted to pitch the EQ6-R at a higher price, but again a tuned EQ6 mount is a great leveller. Most people guide though with these mounts though. However, weather dictates all. On Dual bar with WO ZS71/EOS40D Guided Payload 9KG  ©2016 David Woods/DarkFrame Ltdtd, Table 1 (06/03/20) EQ Sky-watcher - Arc-second Unguided/Guided Performance over 300 second exposures, Key: *Recommended Imaging Payload  **Avg Guided RMS (Customer supplied)  @Focal length (tested OTA's on reference mounts/customer data) *** Build Type: 6.5.5 (Flat Earth) ^^ Build Type: 6.3.x (Bonneville), Table 1.1  (12/04/17) Maximum guided exposure time vs dropped frames (4 hour session @900sec), Key: *Recommended Imaging Payload  **Avg Customer Data  ***tested OTA's on Reference Mounts to BT v6.3.x, Table 2: (06/03/2020) EQ iOptron - Arc-second Unguided/Guided Performance over 300 second exposures, Key:  **Avg Guided RMS (Customer supplied)  @Focal length (tested OTA's on reference mounts/customer data), Table 2.1 (06/03/2020 EQ Celestron Arc-second - Unguided/Guided Performance over 300 second exposures, Table 2.2 (06/03/2020) EQ Capable Meade mounts - Arc-second Unguided/Guided Performance over 300 second exposures0.

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