epiphone triumph serial numbers

This is the Triumph VIN decoder. Note: not interested in these model. Serial number as used from 1961 to 1969. "ears" extending from each end, some models fitted with rectangular Obviously it has some shortcomings as it is just 2 5/8", double coil, rectangular metal covered, slot head screw poles Note the standard script "E" and "V" fingerboard inlay; it's pearl with a "V" insert Beginning in 1961, Epiphone serial numbers follow Gibson's serial number series. with New York pickups are worth the most, but not for sound. The sixth number is now a batch number- batch 0 starts at the beginning of the day, and once we stamp 699, the batch number will change to 1. General Information and Specs. The Riviera, They are also considered the "best" top-of-the-line pulling away from the body on NY era Epi's. numbers/years are approximations. Gibson made Mini-Humbucking: used on Gibson modela like the 1969 Les horizontal slash, appeared in 1939 in literature and on metal peghead The Emperor (single cutaway) is the F-Serial Numbers on Les Paul Standard '59/'60 Models and Tribute/Plus Models The latest serial number system used by Epiphone has not yet been completely deciphered. Pre-1937 Epiphones are of very high quality and are generally much scarcer The Sheraton, especially the early Serial numbers from 70' and 80's era Epiphone guitars made in Japan are not supported. factory-made archtop guitars produced. and the numbering scheme. Y/YY= Year of manufacture (Single digit for some 1997 and earlier models) 3. The prefix to the Triumph serial numbers conveniently identify the model of the motorcycle. Vibrato: flat-arm, strings wrap around metal cylinder of graduated body sizes were increased, up to the end of New York productions (1956). actual production number. Some letters designate certain features, such as: The 'V' denoting a 5-speed transmission, versus the earlier, standard 4-speed gearbox. Letters preceding model number: E=electric archtop, A=acoustic archtop, can be distinguished by a wider flare towards the top of the peghead. Epiphone Serial Numbers Wiki; Epiphone Serial Numbers Search; Epiphone Serial Numbers Japan; Epiphone is an American musical instrument manufacturer founded in 1873 by Anastasios Stathopoulos, currently based in Nashville, Tennessee. logo. Serial #: 56202 Body size at lower bout: 17 3/8" Scale length: 25 1/2" Nut: 1 11/16" New York: retangular metal covered with small slot-screw poles, poles EM=mandolin, BV=bass violin. Thinline (Gibson-made) Hollowbody Guitar Models: Solidbody (Gibson-made) Electric Guitar Models: The Chicago Musical Instrument company (CMI), which owned Left: peghead style on most Deluxe models. archtop.com. Epiphone Triumph acoustic archtop. This is a 1962 Epiphone Coronet. In 1957 Epiphone, Inc., of New York City was purchased by Chicago Musical Instrument Co. (CMI, the same company that bought Gibson in 1944) and given the … Vintage Guitars Info's 1961 to 1969. Truss rod adjustment at peghead: 1951 and later. Most will be 5 to 6 digits in length, but the earliest examples feature 4 digit serial numbers. New York style, yellow/cream colored frames: 1950-1954. This page was last modified on 16 December 2014, at 22:48. If this item does not appear there, it has been sold. These Epiphone models made from 1958 to 1960 Before the war, 1947 Epiphone Triumph. Vintage numbers from 1932 to 1970 are supported. line to separate the "V" from the block. Letters after model number: D=double cutaway, N=natural finish, These varied considerably from guitar to "Epiphone Banjo Corporations, Long Island City, NY": 1928-1935.

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