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Just trying to work out the year of manufacture of an SG G-400 that apparently had a sticker originally, but was subsequently removed? Ive been to guitardaterproject.org, but it doesnt recognize my model or S. Number. This serial number system doesn't exactly tell the year - and doesn't tell the month at all. Submitted by harks on Sat, 05/28/2005 - 15:06. Y/YY= Year of manufacture (Single digit for some 1997 and earlier models) 3. Hi, I have such an Epiphone, serial number begining with 88 and I cannot find when it was made either! Many '80s and early '90s serial numbers may follow a similar scheme, but may not include a factory ID code. Find the date your guitar was made by simply supplying your serial number. Scootermuppet Well-Known Member. My Sheraton was indeed made in Korea in May 1988. SSSS= Sequential Serial Number Example - T41234 is a 2004 Elitist model. The serial number is 880509595 and it's located on a stick-on strip on the back of the headstock. RRRR= Ranking number (may be more or less digits) Example: 3021234 = Samick Korea / 1993 / February / unit … The Epiphone serial number decoder currently supports 12 serial number formats from 25 factories. It's been almost 3 years since my original post and I'd forgotten all about this! i think mid-late 80's models were made in Korea? Cheers. So, I've been browsing this forum obsessively lately thinking of ideas to tweak my new (to me) '89 MIK Epi LP Standard. I would guess the guitar is either a copy or eipiphone had samples made by prospective suppliers in the late eighties. Good luck. Production Number: 1385. http://www.epiphone.com/ and goto the forum link. Serial numbers from 70' and 80's era Epiphone guitars made in Japan are not supported. Serial # 805060988 like to know when it was made . There is one extra digit to many to show it as being in the Gibson series. M= This will be a letter code corresponding to the month (A=January, B=February, etc...) Your guitar was made at the RRRR= ranking number Epiphone Elite/Elitist models FYSSSS F= Factory Code (this code will be an "F" or "T") Y= Year of manufacture (2 = 2002, 3 = 2003, etc.) RRRR= ranking number Example - R03D0263 was issued in April 2003. Un Sung Musical Instrument Co. Example - T41234 is a 2004 Elitist model. Vintage numbers from 1932 to 1970 are supported. Posted by fredje93 on Fri, 11/19/2010 - 20:25. Copy the characters (respecting upper/lower case) from the image. http://www.guitardaterproject.org/epiphone.aspx, The Best Acoustic Guitars Under $300 - Gearank Rated, Allowed HTML tags:

    1. . The numbers appear as the 5th and sixth digits in the serial number.] The Masterbilt serialnumber system did not start with the number 1000 but with the number 5000. SSSS= Sequential Serial Number Example - T41234 is a 2004 Elitist model. Lines and paragraphs break automatically. FYYMMRRRR Don't own one anymore, but one day a long time from now when my wife okays another axe I think I'll spring for a Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster - every time I see one, I pick it up and wish it was mine... (You must log in or sign up to reply here. R= ranking number (may be more or less digits, not necessarily indicative of total units produced) Seems that Epiphone started the numbering over again , I called Epiphone Factory rep's and was told S7019737 was made in 2000's. ______________________________________________________________________. MM= month of manufacture Posted by Jason on Fri, 11/19/2010 - 04:24. It is dark maple sunburst, gold plated hardware, and serial # is S7019737.The number is on the back of tuning head. This is my first electric guitar, saved up for it for a long time. looking at the epiphone forum the serial numbers seem to run similar to gibsons, if they begin with a letter then this denotes the factory/country of origin, yours has no letter so yours according to Epi forum was made in Thanks! Gibson USA, Gibson Acoustic, Gibson Memphis From 1975-1977 the number is typically found on a decal on the back of the headstock.

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