epiphone olympic 1935

Squintz The Cat Musical Equipment Emporium . Serial Number 8270. Buying Guide. Good. 5. 2013. The top has quite a lot of hazel fichte (Bearclaw) figure in the lower bout. The Epiphone Olympic saw a handful of body size changes through the first years of production, growing from an advertised 13” wide upon introduction through to 13-5/8” in 1933, and then to 14.5” by 1935, only to grow again by another inch shortly thereafter. Bloomington, IN, United States. Sales. [2] The guitar's lower bout measures 13 5/8 inches wide, and it has three piece f-holes. Body 19" long. I’m sure that Epiphone were aware of the effect that Rawlings’ patronage has had on the price of the previously unloved vintage Olympics, because this reissue is visually very close to his guitar. SKU: Epip-C-10562 Categories: Archtop Guitars, Museum - Not For Sale Brand: Epiphone Guitars. Quick Responder. [1] It sold for about $35 in 1935. Payment & Returns. Light as a feather, Super Responsive, and a Sunburst Finish aged like Fine Bourbon! Make an Offer. 57. The Best Acoustic Guitars. 50+ Joined Reverb. 1935 Epiphone Olympic 'Masterbilt' Archtop These guitars are incredibly rare and highly sought after. 1935 Epiphone Olympic Masterbilt. I believe all the original models were all solid spruce and mahogany, whilst this is solid spruce topped, but laminate on the back and sides. [1] (Wikipedia) Epiphone Olympic archtop. Shipped From. The 1935 Epiphone Olympic that has been his primary instrument was a mid-priced guitar for its time, with a carved arched solid sprucewood top, carved arched solid mahogany back and mahogany sides. Saved by Jeffry Beard. 1935 Epiphone Olympic Masterbilt. Quick Shipper. About This Listing. Message Seller. Epiphone Olympic 1935. We’ve seen it accompany Rawlings as much as his music partner Gillian Welch does, which is to say, always. Status: Pricing and hold status for all instruments currently available is shown on our Instruments page here. Measurements approximately: 13 5/8" across the lower bout, 8 1/4" waist , 10 1/2" upper bout. For over a decade, David Rawlings has been synonymous with one guitar: The humble, small-bodied 1935 Epiphone Olympic archtop. And, as Rawlings’ profile has slowly grown from Americana sideman to all-around guitar hero, he’s singlehandedly raised If this instrument does not appear on the Instruments page it has been sold, and is no longer available. Description Additional information Description. Epiphone OlympicIntroduced in 1931 and discontinued by 1949.Body sizes varied – they grew over the years:1932: 13″1934: 13 5/8″1935: 14 1/2″1936: 15 1/4″The example shown is all original less the pickguard. $2,395 + $55 Shipping. Epiphone; Epiphone Olympic Archtop 1935 Natural. Watch. 1935 Epiphone Olympic Masterbilt. Listing Sold.

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