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They were both similarly priced at $455 in Oct 1966. Epiphone’s mid-’60s solidbody line included this Epiphone Crestwood in Sunset Yellow and the Olympic in Olympic Green. With its no-frills slab body and minimal appointments, the Epiphone Wilshire is a quintessential Sixties garage rock guitar that sat midway between the Crestwood and the Coronet in Epiphone’s Kalamazoo-era solidbody line. Jimi Hendrix, Pete Townshend and Bruce Springsteen all played Wilshires early in their careers. Hi' date='I am new to this forum.I got this Epiphone guitar a couple of days ago. It's from Japan,made in the '70's I think.I was told it is a Crestwood.The pickups have been changed to Dimarzios: Air Norton in the neck and an old Super II in the bridge.Tuners were changed to Schallers. Epiphone CRESTWOOD On CL....seller says made in japan (probably Matsumoku) but the serial number- 1042558- comes up as 1991 and Korean build. The Crestwood DeLuxe was discontinued in 1969 and the Crestwood Custom the year after. I suspect the data project simply got this wrong based on the preset formula they currently use. Came the original case too. 1 Models. Includes hard case, gold Bigsby added. I paid $280 for it. Models Edit Crestwood Edit. Originally a symmetrical double-cutaway instrument with two … 1958-1959 Body: The Olympic, Crestwood, Coronet and Wilshire guitars are often confused with the ET-Series, which were a Japanese-made amalgamation of the older, American-made Epiphone body shapes and designs. 1971-1975 - Blue label - Early models say "Union Made" 1976-1979 - Tan or white "Lincolnwood" label with Norlin logo; 1980-1987 - Brown Label with splotched pattern; Blue … The Crestwood, Coronet, Olympic and Wilshire guitars are often confused with the ET-Series, which were a Japanese-made amalgamation of the older, American-made Epiphone body shapes and designs. Contents. Mid-'70s Epiphone Crestwood ET-290 made in Japan. The Aria Epiphone Japan models that were made by Matsumoku from the early 1970s and ending before 1987 do not have a reliable serial numbering system but can be approximately dated using their Epiphone label colours. Product Specs Item Number: 7964 Make: Epiphone Model: Crestwood ET-290 Condition: Very Good Finish: Sunburst Categories: electric-guitars ⇒ solid-body Year: 1974 Made In: Ja The Crestwood Deluxe corresponds to the Gibson SG Custom. Seller states it's from the 70's and says "made in Japan" on guitar. Here the duo is backed by a ’60s Sears Silvertone Solid State 100 amp. Features block inlays, twin humbucker, and gold hardware. In these, Gibson was still using leftover parts from the original Epiphone company. All photos: VG Archive/Mike Tamborrino. Epiphone also launched the Crestwood DeLuxe which can easily be described as a three pickup version of the Crestwood Custom, it also featured an ebony fretboard with block inlays.

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