end of battle of the bastards

Ironically, Ramsay's army is defeated the same way that Ramsay had previously defeated Stannis Baratheon at the Battle of Winterfell: catching his army by surprise and out of formation with a massive cavalry charge. [1][33]Jeremy Egner of The New York Times also praised the episode: "As directed by Miguel Sapochnik, who also oversaw last season's terrific 'Hardhome' episode, the lengthy sequence was terrifying, gripping and exhilarating, sometimes all at once, a sweeping display of all the different ways one can die on the battlefield." Enraged, Jon charges at Ramsay, who orders the Bolton archers to fire and his cavalry to charge, and Davos orders the Stark force out of position to shield Jon. We wanted Davos to get a clue about Shireen. I also did a bunch of research into Alexander the Great who was legendary in his strategic battle prowess. Daenerys counters that the meeting was called to discuss the masters' surrender, and proceeds to ride Drogon into Slaver's Bay with Rhaegal and Viserion to burn their fleet. "[10], Another character departure was Smalljon Umber, played by Dean S. "[6] To insert Emilia Clarke (as Daenerys Targaryen) into the scene, she rode a "multi-directional, computer-controlled hydraulic gimbal device shaped like the upper shoulders of the dragon"; Clarke was filmed separately in Belfast, Northern Ireland. As soon as they said that I said, 'He's dead, isn't he?' But Sunday night’s “Battle of the Bastards” was such a visceral, gut-punch affair that we couldn’t help but wonder how true it was to the realities of warfare in the Middle Ages. In Season 5, Ramsay is seen killing several of Stannis' men with a sword after the Battle of Winterfell. Actually, Sapochnik said that in some ways the Battle of the Bastards was easier to film, given that live-action actors can just fake their way through a fight scene without a script, while, Sapochnik said that "The strategy and tactical aspect was a key thing for David and Dan. Ramsay learns that he was conceived in a violent rape and not a beautiful romance. "[6] The director tried to design the shots with relative realism, inspired by footage of World War II Supermarine Spitfires in action. An explanation offered by Turner involves playing up the tension that Sansa didn't know if the Vale army would arrive in order to make the Vale army's arrival more "dramatically satisfying" when they suddenly arrived at the last minute to rescue Jon's army. Even when Ramsay is tied up in a chair in the kennels, he is still filled with his habitual confidence that he can just trick his way out of this somehow, that for whatever reason the universe won't let the Starks kill him now. It is unknown what exactly Ramsay meant by saying, "I'm part of you now," to Sansa. The women of Westeros are on the warpath."[37]. Therefore, the besieged forces inside Meereen launch an attack against Yunkai's army without delay, not waiting for Daenerys to return, while Victarion uses a dangerous shortcut in order to reach Meereen before the fleet. It becomes a bit like a bonkers math equation. Ramsay retreats to Winterfell and plans to wait out a siege, but Wun Wun breaks down Winterfell's gates, and the Stark loyalists overwhelm the remnants of the Bolton garrison. It was at that point that a Karstark cavalryman would charge at him, with Jon Snow oblivious until the last possible moment where the giant Wun Wun would break through the wall of bodies and punch the horse and its rider away. Although, it could be that the piled banners were burned off-screen. At one point, Sapochnik "kind of wanted people to start to feel for Ramsay" when he died, but Benioff and Weiss were clear that there shouldn't be an ounce of sympathy for Ramsay and shot down that suggestion. Theon didn't actually make any insults to Tyrion about being a dwarf on-screen back in Season 1, though given that they were both present during the feast at Winterfell it could plausibly have happened off-screen. [12] Special-effects supervisor Joe Bauer said about Whyte's casting as Wun Wun, "We wanted a large performer because somebody who would be 14, 15 feet tall would have more weight and mass to move around, and a person who's a normal size would have a very difficult time pulling that off".

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