electric guitar tonewood myth

Certainly, guitarists who favor classic-style upscale guitars will continue to favor the beauty of mahogany, while perhaps not enjoying the price. The concept of tonewood is a hoax. There is a reason for that and that reason is ingrained in electric guitar history. It's confusing too. I suspect the material the guitar is made from does make some difference, but in the case of the electric guitar there are other things that make the differences directly related to the materials alone disappear into insignificance. For those who feel that tonewoods are a myth, the future is boundless. He continues: “The tone of a guitar lies more in the hands of the builder than in the materials from which it is constructed.” As far as the difference in sound is concerned, the answers are highly personal and will be debated for years to come. That said, I'm personally of the belief that the whole tonewood-in-electric-guitars is a pointless debate. Way back, when guitar was used as a backing instrument for live bands, it was often relegated to little more than rhythm and filler. Of the few things that we can do to a guitar and still call it a guitar, changing the wood it is made of will have the least impact upon the quality of the sound that it produces”. For years, boutique luthiers and guitar purists have claimed the quality of wood used to construct solid body electric guitars has impacted tone. The argument regarding electric guitar tonewood and it's importance goes back a long, long way.

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