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Anyway, the evil bang nurse is f... anoyying. the reason for them to started to love each other was fair enough. Un an plus tard, elle se rend au pénitencier pour servir en tant que médecin temporaire, et elle y rencontre un prisonnier qui était médecin. Lastly, the romance in this drama is fresh and beautiful. why did kang si young need to cry on every scene that involve cha yo han? vish Aug 31 2019 11:04 pm my name is F Aug 15 2019 1:10 am Yetty Hassan Jul 15 2019 12:23 pm Find både udenlandske og danske serier. And is it also acceptable in S.Korea to go into your supervisor's office when he is not around, to look on his computer files without permission? Ji Sung and Lee Se-Young are giving a performance of a lifetime. Verl Jan 06 2020 5:59 am :-) There's a lot of Medical Drama shown in Korea already but Doctor John has something new to offer. This drama is a great showcase of his talent, and this character is a unique and memorable one. Lee Kyu-Hyung ❤️ Lee Kyu-Hyung❤️Lee Kyu-Hyung ❤️ Lee Kyu-Hyung❤️Lee Kyu-Hyung ❤️ Lee Kyu-Hyung❤️. No wonder if he again received the best award... *Heart*. I dont like Kang si young role..over dramatic. it was good too. I loved it. This Medical Korean drama is one of a kind. He's might be a good person but is being influenced by thay annoying nurse, grrr. Jisung as usual was top notch and siyoung too, she’s good. just hoping wont be cringy romantic forced plot. Krus Sep 08 2019 7:14 am Please please please. I really enjoyed this series. Though some of the viewers don't like her in this drama because she always cries and weak in terms on how she deal with Doctor Cha. it seems that Dr. Ji Sung's euthanasia patient is the kidnapper of the child from the prosecutor's defense counselor, arguing that clinical trials (to preserve the patient's pain), the prosecutor is not willing if the patient (kidnapper) is turned off by Dr. She's really great actrees, i'm amazed by her passion. Every character was superb. also, i hope it will end happily bcs im a happy ending person ehe. Hoping that Best Actor goes to him for the upcoming Baeksang Awards ??? You really did a Great Job ,Thanks for your hard work teamwork. Me Jun 24 2019 4:09 pm General Info. But hey the story is Great Daebak!. Love this drama so much! Her father was bedridden and the man she loved (Cha Yohan) was going through such a difficult times. He makes everything believable. I know I know ya gotta have cold and hot make warm w/Se Young as a youngster in the sterile less than comforting geniuses' field, but OMG Ji Sung + Kyu Hyung=Total Dream! zZzZz Aug 02 2019 11:39 am This drama recommended absolutly! W4GRB.query_url=new Array(); Il faut prendre en compte des choses autres que sauver sa vie. Let them just be resident and professor only. { @keiko Jul 28 2019 4:03 am I can agree with @gulty pleasure. I just finish watch this drama. Because of their great acting, I got glued on the screen. Can someone please give this girl some shoes with no laces. Also lee se young No wonder he is obsessed with his vitals lol. Damn I hate the bad nurse. For me, it's my second best drama. and I feel like I want to watch medical kdrama and I found this. because the day after dr cha meet him. Cha Yo Han est un médecin prometteur qui n'a besoin que de 10 secondes pour comprendre l'état d'un patient. In conclusion, Dr John is a totally worth watching drama. The latest was full of emotions. Kang Shi Young hair extension makes me upset. Kaylee Nov 25 2020 5:27 am Jisung sparks by his ownself. This drama "doctor john " so amazing..? At first, I didn't the love line between Dr Cha and Dr Si young because of the long gap age between them. this character does not suit her. I hope this will go on to be a really great drama & hopefully it will win some awards. im on ep3 now (ep 5 if look for 1/2 hours each episodes).. DeefromPH Aug 09 2019 11:56 pm itsmeh Aug 03 2019 10:56 am Amazing actors and great story. This drama was great! TA Aug 04 2019 5:50 am Can’t wait the korean version ☺and its Ji sung oppa one of my favorite kdrama actor..fighting Doctor John☺ 3 : hotmail login english Says: July 15th, 2019 at 5:05 pm. Excellent performance from the cast and I really like how the show progressed. I cried so many times. NA Aug 13 2019 9:55 pm Hello i'm from Myanmar. Sorry but I dont ship these two. Guilty pleasure Aug 17 2019 1:27 am This is another best script from Korea. Can't wait for your good chemisty to appear again in the screen. S Abyss Jun 27 2019 7:46 am Cause u know Ji Sung is that great he never failed to built good chemistry:), neea Apr 16 2019 9:22 pm Mais nous devons réfléchir à la question de savoir si le fait de prolonger la vie d'un patient le rend vraiment heureux. @ladyrara Idk why u think that way, but for me her crying is reasonable N it’ll will be painful to watch the person u love suffering. Kdrama Queen Sep 15 2019 9:08 am TA Aug 04 2019 5:54 am Oh well...further to my earlier comment, my other comments appeared after some time. The plot is too mainstream. Is there a romance between them? a bit hard for me to take the prosecutor seriously. Ji Sung is always solid in his acting. Please cut and finalished 2 karakter on this drama.

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