does vinyl plank flooring make noise

This website,, is the leading resource for accurate, unbiased and up to the minute flooring news, interviews, business articles, event coverage, directory listings and planning calendar. @ Kyle A quick look at the expansion gaps left at the walls (behind the baseboards/molding) will help you get an idea of installation technique. Example: if the plank is 8mm thick (common with CoreTec for example) you will need to see 8mm (or more) of expansion gap around the ENTIRE edge of the floor. they don't work, they don't eat). It refreshing to get a response like that instead of all the "Doom and gloom - everything is terrible, your subfloor isnt perfect so you need to redo everything......." responses. I promise my house is clean, I just hate to mop. I might have found the noise problem: "...very very thin piece of rubber attached to the bottom of the vinyl planks.". what Are your thoughts on having an island on top of the floating floor. Has anyone used this in their home? The edges of the product might also curl, or the product might dome (lift in the middle) so when walked on, it may make noise. Armed with this information, you’ll avoid claims, complaints and a lot of headaches. This does mean some imperfections in the sub-floor can "telegraph" through to the surface, but if that's not a concern then vinyl is actually one of the best options for working on tough subfloors. If it wasn't discussed/added in then it wasn't paid for. Vinyl plank flooring is one of the most popular flooring choices for busy households, offices, cafes and commercial applications. Those are perfectly fine. Thanks @sierra400 and @aziline - I wish I could say I enjoy the "gift opening" sounds everywhere I walk. The crackle noise is from the backing in my case, so wondering if your vinyl could have the same. Snaps , cracks and pops. You need a flooring material with inherent sound-deadening characteristics, but there aren’t many, and most cost more than an apartment owner wants to pay. How long would you say it took for the sounds to improve noticably? The best remedy = do nothing. We just installed Flooret modin signature floors in our entire main level and are experiencing the crackling/crinkling sound. We like the look and what the LVP has to offer so we are thinking about going with a different company that will level the floor before installation. I really hope ours lessens. Unlike more rigid floors like laminate or tile, vinyl will not have the "hollow" sound associated with those products. Otherwise you are throwing money away. I could maybe see it being a problem in areas surrounding spots that are outside spec, but I know for a fact that the floor is flat in most of the house. Ours has only been down for weeks and we aren't living in it, so time will tell if the floor 'settles enough' to stop making the noise. Made me think of unwrapping a present and I got to unwrap it very morning. We’ve seen products in the field where the wood patterned surface has actually worn down to the white back. Big issues. Anything heavy enough to act as an 'anchor' will cause issues. Might as well be nothing as it is about as thick as a piece of paper. I installed 3/4” quarter round around the base of the cabinets to cover the expansion gap and will pick up more. You might want to do a small mock-up installation with this material to test its stability and ability to bond to the substrate. Like I and others have said it seems that once you walk on it the noise goes away until it sits for an extended period of time again. I have noticed during his install, that the 1/4" gap around the permiter is not always perfectly 1/4" as the floor shifts some during install. The floor that you purchased, did it have an attached underlayment? I will use an oscillating tool to cut/remove the tile so the island sits on the wooden subfloor. Heavy walking over the area doesn’t seem to resolve the sound. Installation Instructions: Really curious if the last couple people are still having this issue? No I did not install T moldings for transitions to the other rooms. Howdy! Cutting the floor out from underneath the island is one thing...the expansion gap cut is another. I agree it is pretty audible to me but first thing in the morning. We do have 3 toddlers but they're not running around with anything sharp enough to cut. It is unlocking and squeaking, etc because the installation was as close to wrong as you could get. Super frustrating and I am hoping it settles out over the next several months (it’s about two months old now). @sierra400 well that is good to hear. Some styles, like our Floorté collection are even waterproof and completely block water at the seams. No you do not want to bind the floor tiles to each other. We went with 6 MM I was wondering if we went with an 8 MM we might not have this issue. Again, this comes from a poorly prepared subfloor. Mine was on sale at $5.49/Sq foot. I also noticed when it got really warm in our house the other day before we turned AC on the crackle sound was minimal. was Yours foam? That's because vinyl is FAR MORE dynamic than ANYONE tells you. I'd guess it was quite a bit less within 1 year. The noise is the only thing going on with it. We have had the previous company we were working with take up the floor and give us our money back as a result of them not levelling the floor as we were told they would do. I hear the noise you describe in one spot where we had to do some work to level. Ours had a cork backing and we had the same noise. It is the cheapest 'fix' we have. No low spots. Also, be aware that even some of the biggest brands in the industry source LVT from multiple suppliers, so they don’t make everything they sell. Thanks for your expert advise. Has anyone else had any success with the noises dissipating? If the noise reduced when it was hot and HUMID inside the house, then it is a good indicator that the stress is worse when the floor is cool (less flexible = moves more because it is stiff). It is allowing too much movement. Please call Tech support @ 1-800-366-4204 for any additional underlayment recommendations.". "what Are your thoughts on having an island on top of the floating floor.". The resilient nature of the product makes it one that will last for many years to come. A lot of information thanks. we just installed floating vinyl last week and having same problem! This push/pull on the click edges will eventually rip the floor apart at the seams. These solvents, aside from penetrating the concrete and perhaps never coming out, will soften vinyl flooring material and literally destroy it. Vinyl plank flooring offers much of the easy-care convenience of sheet vinyl, but because it is a thicker material, it has slightly more "give" underfoot, making it more comfortable. knowing what I know now.. You will need to give the regular 3/8" expansion gap at the island. That's been established. (Outside of tearing it all up and perfecting the subfloors, then reinstalling). when I reached out to a Flooret about the issue they were stumped but offered to send a New box out or an inspector. But I actually liked it. Vinyl plank flooring is one of the fastest growing categories in the world of flooring. Floating flooring must be allowed to move (expand and contract). I wouldn’t say it’s loud, but noticeable if your house is completely quiet. Time will tell how this floor will react. Prices for materials usually range from $2.50 to $5 per square foot. A vinyl floor product has 18 months on the market and then it is gone FOREVER. This can be an inherent problem with a product that is not annealed or not annealed properly—annealing is the process of heating and then slowly cooling to bind the layers, making the product strong and stable. non-vinyl flooring for un-even basement floor? The floor MUST be flat before you install. The locking mechanism was NOT properly engaged. As far as I can tell, the underpad (that spongy stuff on the bottom) has quite a bit to do with it. there is a difference, the floor must be flat within an 1/8" over 10'. The lack of t-moldings is questionable. So...stop the DIY job and redo the subfloors. How flat was the subfloor? So it’s worth it to take a closer look at LVT’s popularity and problems. With proper installation and a few preventative measures, buckling can be avoided. The installation instructions clearly state you MUST use a ROLLER (white rubberized roller) several times over the short edges. Does the vinyl plank flooring show dust or footprints? So what’s the alternative? Do you mean it cracks and snaps and pops when you walk on it? Flooret has great customer service, reach out to them if you are concerned! Ours is pretty noticable and it is really discouraging for me. Most lines have attached cork pad that reduces noise and makes the floor more comfortable. I appreciate the response. Vinyl Plank Flooring Cost . Strange! from what I read I only needed the T moldings if i had a very large area. So much for listening to the sales associate regarding the padding. it mostly seems to happen during the mornings after the air temps have dropped.

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