does campbell's still make plain green pea soup

For people looking to avoid MSG, we make around 130 different varieties of soups, sauces and broths that don’t contain added MSG. The Optimist 1,000 Piece Puzzle . Campbell's® Soup Coupon Sorter. Campbell's Green Pea Soup, 284 ml Brand: Campbell's. These include Campbell’s Everyday Gourmet, Campbell’s Ready to Use broths and Campbell’s Great for Cooking Condensed soups. Campbell’s® soups have been welcome guests in Canadian kitchens since 1930. It was a weekly staple of mine, especially on cold days, that was quick to throw together and filling. I don’t buy store bought broths or stocks as they have no nutritional value or bouillon which is basically chemicals. Campbell’s® Condensed Soups Campbell’s® Condensed soups have been a pantry staple in kitchens all across Canada since 1930. learn more about Campbell’s® Condensed Soups Campbell’s® Ready to Serve Soups. Even my cat loved the condensed part before the water was added. Add our selection of amazing chilis to the roster and we’ve got you covered. Savor on its own or kick things up a notch by serving with warm crusty bread or with a fresh green salad drizzled with dressing. Add to Cart. I'm trying to make my own version of it, but the thing is, I don't know how to condense the soup! Our Product Locator will let you know if a product has been discontinued. Temporarily out of stock. But after I grew up and learned about healthier whole food eating and ditching the gluten that had been harming me, I was thrilled to find your recipe. Rating: 100 % of 100 (1) Campbell's® Soup Coupon Sorter . Warm the soul with silky, elegant spoonfuls of Campbell's Condensed Green Pea Soup. Buy Campbell's® Green Pea Soup (11.25 oz) online and have it delivered to your door in as fast as 1 hour. I grew up loving Campbell’s Green Pea Soup. $9.95. Some can still remember the early days, when the start of tomato soup production season marked the town with “help needed” notices written on the sidewalks of Lakeshore Boulevard in chalk. Be the first to review this product . We keep our recipe simple, allowing high-quality, farm-grown split peas to shine. After entering the product and zip code, you will see a message if the product is discontinued. The Optimist 1,000 Piece Puzzle. The thing is, Campbell's just discontinued Green Pea soup, and I'm bummed out. The Campbell’s Soup Company has been selling cans of condensed soup since the turn of the twentieth century. Over the years, plenty of products have come and gone, but the condensed soups, which remain their flagship product line, is still holding fast to soups that haven’t been in vogue for decades (if they ever were to begin with).

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