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CIMATEC. After Hurricane Katrina, medical schools stepped up to support students from their peer medical schools. Although located in the Caribbean they are not Caribbean schools. Spanish is a non issue as I am a Guatemalan immigrant who attended the end of high school in the United States and did my Undergraduate at UC Davis, and all the Pre-reqs have been met for these schools. Yearly tuition ranges above $9,000. Questions regarding these schools can be placed in the the school specific threads or in the pre-med allopathic sub-forum. N=1 Hey guys I will be applying to medical schools in Puerto Rico this coming cycle including San Juan Bautista, Ponce, and UCC. Johns is one of the best English language schools in Puerto Rico and is renowned for its excellent quality of education. It has 695 students in grades K-12. Here are the top 10 best private schools in Puerto Rico 2020 10. GPA/MCAT scores are lower though, so if you're Hispanic, and can speak Spanish with proof of commitment to the Puerto Rican community, throw in an app. TL/DR: The med schools in Puerto Rico are like Spanish-speaking HBCUs with hurricanes. Check an alternative detailed ranking of medical schools in Puerto Rico at Puerto Rico Medical Schools. Each school's ranking is based on the compilation of our data from reliable government sources, student surveys, college graduate interviews, and editorial review. Associate's, bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees are … We wish that the same had been true in the case of Puerto Rican medical students after Hurricane Maria but, simply put, these students did not receive the support they needed from mainland medicals schools and national medical organizations. We have created a 2020 ranking of the best colleges in Puerto Rico that offer Medicine degrees to help you find a school that fits your needs. The Puerto Rican Schools are LCME accredited US Schools. The only caveat is they usually only take Puerto Ricans and you have to be fluent in Spanish. University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences San Juan, PR 18 medical majors. Any school that is accredited by LCME is considered to be "better" than the BIG 4. This unique school located in Caguas, promotes a love of science, math and technology and preps students for careers in those fields. Located in the San Juan area, St. John’s offers small class sizes and provides instruction in English at every scholastic level. St. John’s School St. John’s School is one of the best private schools, Coed school located in San Juan, PR. After graduation, … Top 10 Best Puerto Rican Private Schools For The Year 2020 Ranked Read More » If you speak spanish, you would be better off to go to MD school in Puerto Rico instead of the BIG 4 as Puerto Rican MD schools are LCME accredited ie less trouble to find residency. ADVERTISEMENT 5.

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