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If you’ve had a lot of jobs, this shouldn’t necessarily be a list of all of them. Used JIRA for implementing agile methodology and Process Management. Your Name: The first thing to focus on is making sure you get your name on the resume. No pressure or anything, but that leaves you with about 6 seconds to make an impression. Proposed, designed and developed an integrated administrator back-office interface which allowed interfacing with other support systems, and provided multi level permissions control. Redesigned and architected several existing components in the system, Lead the design and architecture activities for all new development work, Defined and enforced development, build and release processes, Evaluated server software and helped in the decision making process for retooling the application to consolidate technologies. Guided crucial development effort to add Intelligent Directories, Common Information Models to networking systems developing Policy Base Network Management architecture. Modernized company-wide software load testing process that resulted in reduced software performance bottlenecks by 30% during QA testing. Apply Agile Kanban/SCRUM/Lean development processes to ensure timely delivery of product roadmap and client data projects. Utilize best practices and techniques and encourage the team to look for new and more efficient ways to develop maintainable software systems. Recruiters and hiring managers are looking at hundreds of resumes. Met with users and key members of the company in order to gather the business requirements for the Phoenix project. Met with many customers and user groups to help marketing team define the requirements for future releases. Increased team productivity by directing recruitment, training and implementing industry standard development … Administered department with group managers, growing staff from 3 to 16. Provided expertise in product development, team management, and budget control. Design and Architect Complex cloud systems for clients in various industries. When you are ready to send your resume to employers, it's important to be aware of the current market conditions for Directors Of Software Development. Sometimes it's easier to take small, baby steps instead of tackling an entire task. Pune India via teleconferences and travel abroad. Directors of Software Development generally need to show a bachelor's degree in computer science, computer engineering or a related technical field on their resumes. Software grew from 5% to 20% of revenue. IT Technology: .Net/C#/ASP, SQL Server 2005, Excel/VBA, SOA, Indigo/WCF, Multi threaded apps. Introduced Agile into a willing environment. I took the responsibility for all the software development and foundational platforms for software, hardware and virtualization. Short term contracts for software development in Montenegro and Bosnia: Responsible for management and oversight of technical architecture teams, representing over $40 million in healthcare and financial clients, specializing in integration of COTS and custom developed software using SOA architecture, and accountable for ensuring the total interoperability of systems and successful deployment of software & hardware. Played a significant front-line role in business development, instrumental in securing multi-million dollar deals with New Zealand government, British Library, and several Chinese universities. Manage every aspect of the IT operation that includes project integration, software development for Android , Web, and Windows environments. List the name of the institution, degree type and when you're expecting to graduate. Managed a staff of 18 (PM, BA, software engineers), Lead several high profile releases of, within fast paced consumer retail environment, Key player in expanding enterprise supply chain by 100% through multiple vendor/consumer integrations. Presented to large audiences (over 500) around the globe. Served as project manager and department lead for the criminal justice software development team. Commendation from Board of Directors for converting DOS-based Revelation system to UniVerse on Windows platform 6 months ahead of schedule resulting in 50% savings of budgeted expenses. While you only want to include skills you actually have, you might be able to tailor your resume to each job you're applying to by looking at what skills they're looking for and including those on your resume. They also hire, train, and manage staff, create and oversee budgets, and make progress reports to senior management. Responsible for all hiring within software development; built a fully functional development team within three months consisting of senior and junior staff. Led Performance testing of Chordiant products. Created business plans and built company to $6 million by providing office automation software for the medical industry. Took over a team that was deploying software manually. Product development done using multiple teams of developers geographically dispersed throughout the US. Technical liaison for external venders and healthcare carriers. Successfully designed and developed all system phases, from hardware selection to system architecture to design/coding of initial code modules. Company develops software solutions for urgent care clinics which help them mange patient flow, coding and charges, billing to insurance companies, patient statements, Account receivables, and dictations. Director Of Software Development Resume Examples Directors of Software Development, or Software Development Managers, lead teams of software developers in designing software, web applications, and web services. Developed Technology Road Maps in alignment with CIO's vision for CIM group Enterprise software solutions and future IT strategy. Created new strategic direction for the company with products designed specifically for long-term archive and preservation of digital material. Executed the development of $800,000 of the $3 million in sales revenue produced by the company in the 2006 fiscal year (managed the sales from initial contact to development and product delivery). Specialized in online communities which were developed in: PERL, CGI, HTML, PL/SQL, Oracle8i with Apache on Sun Solaris. Negotiate contracts with third party software and service providers resulting in significant savings for the organization. Established TQM environment to improved customer expectations, increased software controls, reduced development cycle time and lowered the cost of software ownership. Support for an outdated accounting legacy software designed in VB6. However, if you're applying out-of-state, you may want to leave out your home address. Brought on board after acquisition of a personally founded company (Compulsive Development) - served as Founder and Director of Product Development (2001-2002). Responsible for design and development of all software. Received training on ISO 9000 Software Development Methodology. This is a great time to run wild with those keywords found in the job description. Responsible for managing a legacy system programming department with a staff of 15. Also, be sure to nix any experience outside of the past 10 years. This skill was followed up by Web Application. Industry Technology: Bloomberg API, ComStock API, Pertrac, Barclays, DMaxx. Led team to develop a new product platform and family of multi-channel world-class audio analyzers. After one year was promoted to lead the entire software group for the company. Led team of software engineers to design applications and algorithms. Manage a team of 9 engineers. This included new web services for quoting insurance plans for health carriers, new web based quoting applications for three health care providers, enhanced enrollment and payment services for carries and internal teams, updated billing processes for clients and a new enrollment workflow for brokers. Led the design of a complete rewrite of an existing application from VB to .NET, Interviewed Doctors and office administrators to develop the features and functions of the medical software, Develop the second largest Medical system software (shrink wrapped) - the software handled all back office functions of a medical practice (i.e.

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