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Earning a master’s degree from a direct-entry online nurse practitioner program represents an investment of time and money. Online programs have helped improve access to the DNP, providing interactive, web-based courses with all the rigor of a campus-based program. After passing the exam, your next step will be to apply for RN licensure in the state (or states) in which you intend to practice. Previously, MSN programs required applicants to hold a bachelor’s degree from a registered nursing program. Treatment may include medication management in addition to other psychotherapeutic therapies. Also, the licensing and practice requirements for nurse practitioners differ from state to state. Required courses vary from school to school and often depend on the selected concentration. Available from only a small number of schools in the U.S., the EdD in Nursing is designed for professionals specifically interested in advanced teaching, administrative and leadership positions in nursing academic or staff development settings. is an advertising-supported site. Researchers have found that nurse practitioners account for more than a quarter of primary care providers in some rural areas, and that number continues to grow as physicians seek more lucrative careers in urban areas or specialize in high-demand fields. While the great majority of direct-entry MSN grads will enter careers as RN’s, others will find additional job opportunities available as well. Graduates with an MSN degree often become nurse practitioners, administrators, clinical case managers, informatics specialists, and educators. Psychiatric nurse practitioners specialize in the diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment of a variety of mental health conditions. Further education (doctoral degree), training and/or certification may be required depending on the academic level and setting. Both organizations offer an independent review of a school’s curriculum, faculty, facilities, and student performance. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, but finding a primary care physician to provide that preventive care can prove challenging in many areas of the country. The result is our list for the top online direct-entry MSN programs for 2020. Students must be enrolled at an American Association of Colleges of Nursing member school and submit letters of recommendation, awards and honors, and published articles. Earning an MSN through an online direct-entry program is a great way to launch your nursing career if you have a bachelor’s degree in different area, but finding the right school isn’t always easy. However, those with an interest in moving up into the very top-tier of nursing leadership can continue their academic studies to earn a doctoral-level degree. Clinical nurse specialists must hold a master’s or Ph.D. in nursing, which qualifies them to work with individual patients and large-scale initiatives. Management, Scientific, and Technical Consulting Services, © 2020, a Red Ventures Company. Boston, MA Students additionally complete a minimum of 700 clinical practicum hours at healthcare facilities located throughout southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois. Read on to learn about the educational requirements for state licensure, typical course requirements, and financial assistance resources. Specific tasks include: developing lesson plans and presenting them in the classroom; initiating and leading classroom discussions with students; evaluating program curriculums; supervising student clinical and lab work; and creating, administering, and grading assignments and examinations.

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