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Accelerated nursing programs are designed to cover a copious amount of material in a very short amount of time. No breaks are scheduled and a day of classes may be longer than traditional programs. These may also be referred to as BSN to MSN programs. Additional information about ranking and the admissions process for freshman can be accessed on the Office of Admissions website. You must first apply as a nursing (pre-nursing) major. Some direct entry nursing programs award both degrees as you make your way through the program. Once the application status portal is accessed, select "Yes" on the Nursing Program Interest Form. Standards for Direct Entry Admission. Students are admitted to the School of Nursing according to rank and the number of positions available. You will be notified by postal mail shortly after your acceptance if you are eligible for Nursing direct entry. By the numbers: 70% overall acceptance rate. Roberts provides direct entry into the Nursing program for freshmen who are regularly admitted into Roberts and have a B- or 80 or better in two years of high school science & math courses. For entry-level non-nurses the accelerated Bachelor's and accelerated Master's degrees are available. There are hundreds of direct-admit nursing programs in the United States listed on the website of the American Association of Colleges of Nursing. Others simply award an MSN upon completing the full program. Students first complete their BSN degree and become licensed as a Registered Nurse, then continue their education to become a Masters-prepared Advanced Practice Nurse in an area of specialization. Admission to the School of Nursing’s BSN program is highly selective. Applying to the BSN Direct Admit for Freshmen pathway is part of the candidate's application to Wayne State University. School of Nursing Freshman Select Program. Students enter the Direct Entry Nursing (MS) program as graduate students with an undergraduate non-nursing degree and completion of program prerequisites. Acceptance rate for nursing students may be lower. Direct entry into the Bachelor of Science in nursing program is awarded to highly qualified incoming freshmen with a minimum cumulative 3.5 high school GPA (on a 4.0 scale) or 1130 SAT ERW + M (ACT > 23). Some schools, like the University of Virginia (UVA), also require that nursing transfer students have completed certain courses, like chemistry and microbiology, with a grade of C or higher. SAT mid-range scores: CR 500-600, M 510-610; ACT mid-range 23-27. 10 Direct Entry MSN Programs. Below is a list of some sponsored schools that offer a direct entry MSN degree.

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