dimocarpus longan medicinal uses

A decoction of the dried flesh is taken as a tonic and treatment for insomnia and neurasthenic neurosis. A fully mature Dimocarpus longan tree can produce a massive crop of up to 500 lbs. Dimocarpus Longan (Dragon Eye or Euphoria) is a fruit with limited medicinal use. and Dimocarpus longan Lour. Longan (Dimocarpus longan) is a small, round, sweet, and watery fruit that is verry similar to lychee fruit. Medicinal Rating: Other Uses Rating: Habit: Evergreen Tree: Height: 12.00 m: Growth Rate: Fast: Self-fertile: Yes: Cultivation Status : Cultivated, Wild: Cultivation Details Whilst the longan succeeds in warm temperate to tropical areas, it requires a distinct cool season of up to 3 months with virtually no frost to initiate blooming[303. of fruit. Traditional Uses. When it‘s young and fresh, you can peel the pericarp off to get a translucent, white, watery pulp embedding a big black seed, almost like an eye. How to Use Longan Since longan is available fresh, dried, or canned, it is almost like three different ingredients. In both North and South Vietnam, the "eye" of the longan seed is pressed against a snakebite in the belief that it will absorb the venom. In scientific circles, it’s also called Euphoria longan Lour. You need to separate the seed to eat it. The tree that longan fruit grows on is a member of the soapberry (Sapindaceae) plant family, which includes other fruits like lychee, rambutan, guarana , korlan, pitomba, genip and ackee. The fruit of the longan is similar to that of the lychee, but less aromatic in taste. It is native to tropical Asia and China. It has a yellowish-brown thick shell, also known as a pericarp, which hardens as it ages. Longan (Dimocarpus longan) is a tropical fruit grown mostly throughout China and Southeast Asia. Dimocarpus longan, commonly known as the longan (/ ˈ l ɒ ŋ ɡ ə n /), is a tropical tree species that produces edible fruit. ), that means up to 50,000 fruits per year, per tree. For best preservation of nutrients, choose fresh fruit and use it uncooked. It is one of the better-known tropical members of the soapberry family Sapindaceae, to which the lychee and rambutan also belong. It does not appear to have a unique composition, but extracts appear quite neuroprotective and may boost cognition. Medicinal Properties ** The flesh of the fruit is administered as a stomachic, febrifuge and vermifuge, and is regarded as an antidote for poison. Since each piece only weighs around 4 grams (0.14 oz. Dimocarpus longan Accepted Name Longan Plantae > Tracheophyta > Magnoliopsida > Sapindales > Sapindaceae > Dimocarpus > Dimocarpus longan It belongs to the same family (soapberry) as fruits like lychee . Longan (Dimocarpus Longan) is a fruit grown in China, India, Thailand, and many other Asian countries. The longan fruit is used as in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as a sleep aid, relaxant, to improve digestion, alleviate nerve pain, reduce fever, clean parasites, and even as an antidote to snake poison …

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