dental fluorosis causes

The damage occurs as the enamel is developing in the young child. Because fluorosis causes damage to teeth while they are developing, by the time they erupt, dental fluorosis reversal isn't possible. Sometimes called mottled enamel or enamel fluorosis, dental fluorosis occurs due to the sustained overconsumption of fluoride when the enamel layers of permanent teeth are being formed, even before they’re visible. Dental fluorosis is a common disorder, characterized by hypomineralization of tooth enamel caused by ingestion of excessive fluoride during enamel formation. This can happen before the age of 8 when permanent teeth come in, or around the ages of 1-2 when baby teeth come in. Causes of Dental Fluorosis. This may happen when the enamel layers of the permanent teeth are in the process of formation or even before the baby teeth can be seen. The most obvious sign of fluorosis is discolouration or white spots on the teeth. The teeth are not the only tissue in the body that accumulate fluoride (the bones, pineal gland, and arteries accumulate it as well). Dental fluorosis is not limited, however, to cosmetic concerns. A major cause of fluorosis is the inappropriate use of fluoride-containing dental products such as toothpaste and mouth rinses. Causes of Dental Fluorosis. For example, taking a higher-than-prescribed amount of a fluoride supplement during early childhood can cause it. Dental Fluorosis – Symptoms, Causes and Treatment. There is no apparent reason, therefore, why fluoride’s effects on the body will be limited to the teeth. Sometimes, children enjoy the taste of fluoridated toothpaste so much that they swallow it instead of spitting it out. Dental fluorosis is a dental condition which affects the appearance and quality of dental enamel due to ingestion of excessive quantities of fluoride salts during the stage of formation of enamel, usually in early childhood. But there are other causes of fluorosis. Dental fluorosis is the name for a mottling condition of the teeth, usually whitish in color, caused by excessive amounts of fluoride becoming incorporated into the outer enamel layer of a tooth. Dental fluorosis may occur when children regularly consume too much fluoride during the teeth-forming years. Types of Dental Fluorosis. Called under different terms suchasenamel fluorosis and mottled enamel, dental fluorosis is caused by too much intake of fluoride. If you want your baby or child to have healthy teeth but are worried about the effects of too much fluoride, this article should answer all your questions. However, there are various treatment options that can improve the cosmetic appearance of fluorosis teeth, which you can read about further down. Children older than eight years of age, adolescents, and adults are unlikely to form dental fluorosis. The teeth-forming years are ages eight and younger. In mild cases of fluorosis, there may … So once the crown portion of a tooth (the enamel-covered part that shows above the gum line) has completed its formation (a process that finishes long before the tooth's root has completed its development), it's no longer at risk. Dental fluorosis only occurs when elevated levels of fluoride are ingested (swallowed) during that time frame when a child's teeth are developing. Based on its severity, dental fluorosis is categorized into the following types : Questionable Fluorosis: It causes very slight changes to the teeth enamel, which range from a few white flecks to sparing white spots. We'll explain what dental fluorosis is, what causes it, and how you So can taking a fluoride supplement when fluoridated drinking water or fluoride-fortified fruit juices and soft drin… Fluorosis, also called dental fluorosis, is a condition that changes the appearance of tooth enamel in young children as a result of being exposed to too much fluoride.

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