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Every year human is discovering some new underwater animals. Dangerous Sea Life. Jellyfish and other venomous invertebrate. For humans, some of the most dangerous animals include sharks and other venomous creatures from fish to jellyfish and certain species of octopi. by Jean-Philippe Soule. The ocean is full of beautiful creatures—but some of them can be hazardous to your health. Biting and other aggressive animals . The size varies from 12 to 20cm famous … From the deadly venom of a blue-ringed octopus, to the ginormous bite of a great white … There is more danger lurking around the ocean than you may be aware of. There are 230,000 different creature have been identified by the scientists under the sea. 1. Titan Triggerfish "While the chances of a shark attacking you while diving are … Shutterstock. It feeds on hydrozoans, including the highly poisonous jellyfish-like creature called Portuguese Man-O’-War. The most poisonous sea animals in the world are as diverse as they are deadly. This beautiful animal is often rightly referred to as a sea angel. And if you happen to encounter that most ballyhooed one (you know: the shark), know that This Is What Experts Say You Should Do if You're Attacked by a Shark. … It … With so many dangerous animals lurking beneath the waves, a sort of biological arms race is in effect between predators and prey. There are about 350 species of sharks, only 30 species could potentially be dangerous to humans and only 12 are reported potentially aggressive and dangerous. The blue dragon is a sea slug of a tiny size (about 3cm). This post is about most dangerous sea Creatures or most dangerous sea animals. Blue Ringed Octopus is one of the most dangerous and terrifying deep-sea creatures found in the sea. After millions of years of evolution, there are now dozens of species of poisonous fish, sea snakes, and other ocean life that could seriously ruin a scuba diving vacation. Most of the earth is lying under the water. Sharks. Before you splash in the sea this summer, it'll behoove you to bone up on the deadly and dangerous sea creatures potentially lurking in the depths. Dangerous and Deadly Sea Creatures. Venomous Fish (stinging) Other animals with the ability to inject venom. Next time you’re out swimming, surfing, diving and boarding in the ocean, you may want to consider the likelihood of encountering a dangerous sea creature. Biting and other aggressive animals. Seventy percent of the earth is covered by water. PUBLISHED December 2, 2009. Its tapering body is dorsally silver-grey in colour, and ventrally pale blue, with dark blue stripes on the head. One of the types called Glass Octopus listed as transparent animals on planet Earth. Every animal … The Most Dangerous Sea Creatures We Never Want to Encounter. They are mostly found in the Pacific and Indian Oceans and known as one of the most poisonous animals. The venom of the Blue-Ringed Octopus is extremely potent. It has six appendages which radiate into finger-like cerata, and a pointed tail.

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