deductive systems for propositional logic

I am trying to proof a few statements in the deductive system L, in propositional logic. In this work, a general criterion for the existence of a fully adequate Gentzen system for non-protoalgebraic deductive systems is obtained, and it is shown that many of the known partial results can be explained based on this general criterion. The system contains 3 axioms (I, II, III below) and a few proven statements (1,2,3,4). Initially, Gentzen invented the sequent system to analyze the other deductive system he introduced: natural deduction. ... For example, any Gentzen system for classical propositional logic with structural rules can be converted into one without any structural rules. References. Axiomatic Systems in Propositional Logic 14 1.2 Axiomatic Systems in Propositional Logic 1.2.1 Description Axiomatic systems are the oldest and simplest to describe (but not to use!) • The last formula A in the sequence is called a theorem ‘ A. Systems for non-classical propositional logics, which are inspired by philosophy, are introduced in the book later than systems related to term logics. Authors; Authors and affiliations; Mordechai Ben-Ari; Chapter. type of deductive systems. the logic of stoics, with the latter being a contemporary counterpart of propositional logic. 5k Downloads; Abstract. I'm not sure if this has ever been proven/disproven, but, assuming the usual grammar of propositional logic, is there any deductive system which derives exactly the tautologies of classical logic while only using finitely many unary rules and axiom schemes? • Proof in a deductive system: a finite sequence of formulas such that each formula in the sequence is either: (a) an axiom; or (b) derived from previous formulas in the sequence using a rule of inference. them, the conjunction-disjunction fragment of the classical propositional logic being a paradigmatic example. Deductive systems for classical propositional logic are broadly known, and one of them is most often assumed for the term logics. In addition, the only Propositional Logic: Deductive Systems. deductive system S of a propositional logic L fulfills the proposed schema if and only if there exists a finite set A(p, q) of propositional formulae involving only propositional letters p and q such that A(p, p) C L and p, A(p, q) HS q. The concept of deducing theorems from a set of axioms and rules of inference is very old and is familiar to every high-school student who has studied Euclidean geometry. This would of course be equivalent to proving a similar statement for usual kinds of intutionistic, minimal or even subminimal logic.

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