custom damascus knives texas

The knife that mark made for me is superb. As more individuals are becoming aware of the beauty, quality and functionality of custom DAMASCUS , … The process is simple you can either email or text Mark, describe, and pay for your order. I ordered a custom Damascus steel Kabar set to USMC standards with a custom leather sheathe. Phone: 512-429-0009 Email: Dean Custom Knives. The edge and balance of the knife feel great. I am a full time blade-smith and a proud member of the Texas Knife Makers and Collectors Association. The entire process took 2 months and the end product is well worth the wait. After watching Harvey Dean forge a Damascus blade I was inspired to begin forging my own blades. My knife making began in 2001 after reading numerous knife making books and reviewing knife making videos. My mailing list gets an advance look at every available knife, before I post the knife … It's a fact that more than 100% of our handmade DAMASCUS knives are in use world wide than any other makers. 3266 County Road 232. I believe a knife is an indispensable tool. More About Jason. Knives Ranch is a manufacturer of quality, semi-custom, Damascus Steel knives. We supply more custom DAMASCUS than anyone, anywhere! Rockdale, Texas 76567. Harvey J. He is a member of the Knifemakers’ Guild, the American Bladesmith Society, and President of the Texas Knifemakers’ Guild. Join the mailing list. Fry Custom Knives admin 2020-10-26T13:42:32-07:00.

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