ctrl + k is used to

Ctrl + Alt + Tab: Use the arrow keys to switch between all open apps: Ctrl + Alt + Shift + arrow keys: When a group or tile is in focus on the Start menu, move it in the direction specified: Ctrl + arrow key (to move to an item) + Spacebar: Select multiple individual items in a window or on the desktop: Create a Search folder. Start by moving your cursor to the location where you want a hyperlink to appear. How to make the Outlook CTRL-K work right How to make the Outlook CTRL-K work right jsteph (TechnicalUser) (OP) 12 Dec 06 21:34. : Tab (to next script): CTRL+TAB Note: Tab to next script works only when you have a single Windows PowerShell tab open, or when you have more than one Windows PowerShell tab open, but the focus is … In a lot of applications (Excel, PowerPoint, Word and many more), Ctrl+K lets you insert a hyperlink. Use the following shortcuts to quickly move the cursor around the current line while typing a command. Ctrl + Y: Redo an action. Simple and sweet. Expand search to include subfolders. Find and replace text, symbols, or some formatting commands when in the Reading pane or in an open item. F4. Alt+B: Go left (back) one word. Select a block of text: CTRL + SHIFT with an arrow key Switch keyboard layout when multiple keyboard layouts are available: CTRL + SHIFT Turn Chinese Input Method Editor on/off: CTRL + Spacebar Display shortcut menu for selected item: SHIFT + F10 Select more than one item on the desktop or in a window, or select text in a document: SHIFT + any arrow key Then press Ctrl+K and the “Insert Hyperlink” dialog box appears. Now, links may not be so useful in a printed document, but for online documents, try it out. Ctrl + X: Cut selected items to clipboard. And in this article we listed 90 useful control key shortcuts for Microsoft word. Ctrl+Shift+P. We have listed out more than 450 useful alt code shortcuts under the article alt key shortcuts for Windows . Ctrl + V (or Shift + Insert) Paste content from clipboard. Ctrl+Alt+A. Search for text within an open item. I'd like to be able to start typing an email address in Outlook and have it look in *both* Contacts and Address book; either when I start typing or when I do ctrl-k. Premiere Pro Shortcuts: Up and Down Arrows. Cmd+K (Ctrl + K for PC users) will simply make an edit wherever your playhead is located. Ctrl+H. One is alternate or ALT key and the other is control or CTRL key. Moving the Cursor. Ctrl+Q: Resume output to the screen after stopping it with Ctrl+S. Action Keyboard Shortcut; New: CTRL+N: Open: CTRL+O: Run: F5: Run Selection: F8: Stop Execution: CTRL+BREAK.CTRL+C can be used when the context is unambiguous (when there is no text selected). Ctrl+Alt+K. Ctrl+Shift+F. Expand search to include items from the current folder. Ctrl+A or Home: Go to the beginning of the line. Ctrl+B: Go left (back) one character. Ctrl+E or End: Go to the end of the line. I have a list of Contacts, and an Address book. Use Advanced Find. Once you have clips in your timeline, the UP and DOWN arrow keys will help you quickly jump around between clips. Ctrl + Z: Undo an action, including undelete files (limited).

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