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Sometimes when I smell it reminds me of gripe water the childhood nostalgia, sugary lime coconut water mostly all I get it’s nice but I hoped that the fruit and the flowers were much stronger. Add to cart. If there's one Creed that needs a flanker, it's Virgin Island Water. Asked by a female colleague around 2 pm what take-away I had for breakfast (during Covid-19, we did not eat out and just bought some take-aways). Projection is also quite poor. I'm so disappointed with this fragrance - I was really looking forward to trying it after reading lots of positive reviews but I can barely smell anything at all! 5 with Richiedilo! A lovely scent indeed! No way. First post was just a sharing. I am so easily swayed by the romanticization of everything Caribbean, so when I heard that "this is Piña Colada in a bottle" - I opened my wallet and my Creed virginity was deflowered. I think I am finally ready to pull the trigger. On clothes this lasts all day. I had VIW in the past and liked it. I immediately sold it and searched for a old batch or bottle and found a 2016 & 2011 batch, I was right. Not quite watery or aquatic enough for an oceanic vibe, not quite thick or toothsome enough for an edible (or drinkable) tropical coconut vibe. Then, while reading reviews I was triggered by the reviewer below who recommended squirtzaromatics. Hunger. When I received my bottle, it smelled really weak and sweet. I was looking for a fragrance that tasted like coconut and lightheartedness but I found a citrus, acidulous and sugary summer colony. This smells like coconut sun cream and lime, can I tell you it’s good YES! This is definitely a vibe thing. Even though the price is very high I could easily justify it if the fragrance could perform - but it doesn't. Creed's Virgin Island Water is this experience in a bottle! Very citrus cleaner on first application. The scent would be good but the longevity is dreadful... blue balls if you ask me - can't possibly justify the price for an hour ride. I absolutely adore this scent, lime, coconut, sugar and a hint of rum, a pina colada in a bottle but not obnoxious. So far this is the third Creed perfume I have tried and I really feel like this brand is expensive for a reason. Coconut is very empowering and very refreshing in it, it’s quite sweet so there are times when I cannot use it but if I feel well and I’m out on holiday there is no question which perfume should I pull out! See Holiday Shipping Guidelines. This is a nice Summer fragrance. Fragrantica® Inc, San Diego, CA United States. My fiance hates it though, but whatever...would still repurchase! (And I'm not playing that Creed Aventus "If you can't smell it it must be olfactory fatigue" game.). Trust me, people don’t want to smell you, but should they happen to venture closer into your personal space, they’ll get an impression. If you work in an office maybe just one spray midchest would be enough that the clean, implied aquatic scent comes through. CREED VIRGIN ISLAND WATER 100% Authentic Glass Spray Decants Free Sameday Ship! If I bought a full bottle of this from Creed I would be so upset. The dry down makes me think of butter, and since movie theater butter topping is made with coconut oil, I think that's the connection. Fragrantica® Trends is a relative value that shows the interest of Fragrantica members in this fragrance over time. I found a bargain so a took a risk and bought a huge bottle and its just so yummy! I cannot remember the name. In Top 5 fresh scents for men of all time. It's almost obscene. This is a cologne-style scent, a quick lift of freshness, with little silage or longevity, and a pass for me. If you like tropical beaches and cocktails, you should absolutely try it again again and again. I reckon that people give this high ratings mostly because it's creed and have to justify the price tag, but come on... for 200 bucks? I have no idea why someone would want to smell like this but I appreciate the concept. My favorite Creed scent that will never be out of my collection, 2 sprays and it's still strong on my clothes the next day. I tried to like it. Incredible scent, extremely good job Creed! Average projection and longevity with little sillage, but it definitely has a great smell. 10/10. If you like to smell simply like a coconut, this is for you. 4,018 votes. Something served in a coconut with an umbrella. I imagine most here want nothing close to that SPF. It’s very breezy and celebrates the lazy old surfer in all of us. Perfumes: 62751 It’s bascially sun tan lotion in a 300 dollar bottle. This one puts me in five-star vacation mode. The lime and coconut in this are both extremely superb and have the greatest iterations I've ever smelled in any fragrance - and I'm a huge lime affectionado, having tried and owned many lime colognes. I say wear this in the winter when you long for the summer and it will teleport you there. Pretty relaxing and calming. The scent combined with the satisfaction of the long mist was perfection. I applied 3 puffs and I could still smell it after a day of flying 12 hours. For this price, this fragrance is a joke. I used to use Crabtree and Evelyn West Indian Limes which was just bright and clean smelling and I think nothing negative could be said about that one besides its lack of depth. I wish I could get more of the citruses because is on the sweet side. Virgin Island Water by Creed is a Citrus fragrance for women and men. Opens with extremely natural mouth-watering bittersweet Tahiti lemon, evolving in a few minutes into an impeccably natural, creamy, slightly sweet coconut, with a zealous floral hint just to perfume these divinely orchestrated fruits, as the lemon here assumes the role of cleaning excessively soapy edges. Very male scent. This fragrance is exactly what I imagine heaven smells like; or at least an unspoiled idyllic island. This is really a masterpiece, very well balanced. It's fun and it smells great but I can see why some people are hating on it. A sailing trip in the Caribbean Islands undertaken by Olivier and Erwin Creed provided the inspiration for this fragrance. Sugary lime coconut water, a nice fragrance..., I wish that the other ingredients were much noticeable the floral notes and fruits with more longevity and sillage. It's not an easy job to construct a citrus-gourmand. It's a sexy alluring beach gourmand. I like it a lot. Scents amazing but look for older batches! Definitely a summer scent. The fragrance offers up a stunning tropical accord of fresh lime, coconut, and white rum‒dressed in a glistening haze of sweet cane sugar‒that presents itself as the signature to the fragrance. If this was around $150 a bottle for a 100 ML it would be my signature scent but it's scent is not remarkable enough for it's insane asking price and unflattering performance. This unisex perfume celebrates the tropical splendor and exotic scents carried by the Trade Winds of Sir Francis Drake Channel. In most cases the performance is so bad, that it vanishes in an hour or so. Ingredients are weighed, mixed, macerated and filtered all by hand in the highest tradition. I like it - the top notes are very fresh, citrusy and nice - but the basenotes just don't last. Coconut! Fragrance Reviews: 998922 This smells mouth-wateringly delicious. Once that lime mellows out the fragrant florals come through to compliment the whole aforementioned fresh bouquet which stays for the whole ride. After a half an hour, the drydrown was a lovely (but faint) pure coconut. I own and love Tommy Bahama Set Sail St. Barts but it is totally different from Virgin Island Water as the former has tequila and lime and an agave, palm leaf, and guava juice drydown which eventually becomes vanilla and white musk. Virgin Island Water is the newest creation for Men and Women from and Oliver Creed, the Master perfumery now in its 6th. This linear cocktail would also be a great gym scent. FUN! After leaving it on the shelf for a month, it smells amazing. In my opinion, it's not worth it. Also the lime is too much for my taste. For the price of Creed maybe you want something more complex and nuanced and you likely expect better performance (like me) but I still love it it relaxes me I can close my eyes take a deep breath and for half a second I'm on the beach in Puerto Rico chillin carefree feet in the sand. Therefore I'm still very skeptical about this one, but the scent (no matter if coconut or lime takes the lead) is so good for summer, very hard to resist. I am sorry but this smells just like cheap "coconut" car freshners at least that EXACTLY how they smell in France... Lime and coconut. But today I took my sample and heavy sprayed 5 times in one spot at got 4 hours of soft projection. It is very rich and delicious, like I took a coconut butter hibiscus red flower shower, very sweet and in a way inoffensive, it does not project a lot and even though the vanilla sent dry out is very pleasant it will not be too powerful, I guess it will be ideal for people who cannot stand strong aromas. Virgin Island Water by Creed Perfume. First spray is a huge blast of Froot Loops. CREED – VIRGIN ISLAND WATER 100 ML. I spent about 2 hours at the store after spraying it on my wrist, and by the time I was ready to leave, the scent was completely non-existent! . Makes me feel like a millionaire on a beach with some creamy lemon drink with coconut trees in the background. It really smells like a pina colada on your body. Get ready for coconut meets milky musky vanilla.

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