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for bones and Mutton TBD. You've found the “Illinois Cotswold Sheep Breeders” page here at Hobby Farm Wisdom! We can also help arrange shipping across country with other breeders, transporter, or even flying. Though lambs tend to grow at a slower rate than other breeds, their lambs still pack on thickness and length. Whole/ Half Lamb - These lambs will be 7-8 months old. An excellent source of highly digestible protein, especially useful for animals dealing with sensitive digestion, allergies, advanced age or illness. We raise white, black, brown, fawn, gray, badger, dalmatian spotting and piebald finns. reg. We prefer a finn that is big enough to handle quadruplets, with enough milk to raise them with very little human intervention. While the fleece is lightweight (5-6 lb.) Occasionally we will have mature breeding stock or ewe lambs for sale. While the fleece is lightweight (5-6 lb.) We are OPP and Johnes Disease tested negative flock of 2016. The breeder nomination fee will be used to fund the pro-rated cash awards to youth for the top placing in each age category. The Finnsheep is not a big sheep but it produces a lean, succulent meat with a light, delicate flavor. The ewes are excellent mothers, with few birthing problems and quick to accept lambs. We have regular butchering every few weeks during the summer.. Mutton are $6.49 per lb for whole/ $6.99 per lb for half, based on hanging weight . Many breeders find those carcasses an excellent fit for their direct lamb trade. If you need a special order item, we must know before one of the listed slaughter dates. Bob Gillis: "Mr. Cotswold" Since 1878, the American Cotswold Record Association (ACRA) has been America's official registry and certifier of the Cotswold breed of sheep, protecting consumers and producers of pure pedigreed Cotswold sheep---the easy-keeping "gentle white giants" of the luster longwool sheep breeds. Ewes are $275-$375. How-To Articles. The Cotswold Sheep Society, based in the United Kingdom, maintains the breed Flock Book, and promotes this ancient and rare breed. I have many QR AND RR animals. prolificacy, mothering, milking, ease of lambing, ease of handling, and longevity. ewes are $375-$500. We like the Finn breed due to the docile, friendly nature of both the rams and the ewes. It is highly lustrous fleece with a micron count in the 40s and is sometimes called poorman’s mohair. We sell only our own lambs so we can guarantee the care, diet and conditions under which they were grown. (Will be sold registered first unless unfit). They are even more rare than the whites, and it is not known if the incidence of color is due to recessive genes or some fence jumper from long ago! Contact us regarding details of animals we have for sale. reg. A non-refundable deposit of $200 per lamb is required when ordering, For those interested... please send me an email with your information and a reason why you would like a bottle lamb. It has been proven that long wool sheep have a less muttony flavor than fine wool breeds. If you would like to order, please contact us directly by email: or by phone: (603) 312-7128 with a list of cuts and quantities you would like, or complete and mail our order form found in products. Black Cotswold Breed. YES! Cluns have a rich butter fat taste in milk!!! They are a very friendly sheep and there is definitely a queenly quality about the ewes. It has been proven that long wool sheep have a less muttony flavor than fine wool breeds. Ewes are $275-$375. Bottle lambs - Each year I get a few bottle lambs. rams are $350-$600. (average price $450) reg. reg. Click the Name or Farm Name link in the search results to go to the Member Info page for that Member. We should have a selection purebred Cotswold ewe lambs and wethers, crossbred Cotswold, and … Finnsheep wool has unmistakable luster and softness in all shades of color. ewes are $400-$750(average price $550) Clun Forest Sheep-reg. After inspection and cooling, the lambs are processed into the many popular cuts and ground products we offer. Our ewes frequently throw triplets and quadtuplets, and they are growing. They should have the same characteristics as the whites. Due to this breed’s year-round lambing ability, Finn lamb is perfect for any holiday celebration. The 1st place winner of each division also receives the right to hold a traveling trophy for one year. or by phone: (603) 312-7128 with a list of cuts and quantities you would like, or complete and mail our order form found in products. Slaughter dates for the 2019 season are October,  December and TBA in February 2020. rams are $350-$450. I am very thorough when screening for new homes for my bottle lambs. We will tell you when your order will be ready and calculate the final price. Their size–ewes tend to run about 130-150 pounds—also makes them easier to handle than some of the more common meat breeds in the U.S. and Canada. Cluns are alert and active, responsive to their surroundings and shepherd–which helps to make them a manageable breed. or Sanford Butcher Shop in Sanford, ME. I have been raising registered Finn, Cotswold, and Clun Forest sheep since 2006. We trailer our lambs to the processing facility ourselves to ensure the safety and comfort of the animals. The Cotswold sheep breed is relatively rare as of 2009, and categorized as ‘minority‘ by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust of the United Kingdom. A fitted insulated box cooler is created for every shipment. Cotswold Breeders Association : The Cotswold Breeders Association is an organization formed in 1995 to preserve and promote the breed, provide registration for all purebred Cotswolds, both white and colored, and provide information and support for mutual benefit of all members and breeders. The meat has a very mild flavor and aroma. ewes are $400-$650 (average price $500), Finns scrapie code 171        RR - $650        QR -$450, reg.

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