cost of rearing 300 layers in kenya

Kienyeji Poultry Farming. His online research has lead him to get up to speed quite quickly. Cost of rearing Kienyeji Chicken in Kenya. Need Help? Call us on +254 710530121 or … Hanton Towers 3rd Floor Near Old Mathai Supermarket Building along Mama Ngina road Thika. You may set a budget of Sh. what is your email address. USERNAME. Small Scale Example: Cost of Rearing 100 Layers Example [A]: Cost Projection For Raising Layers For Eggs in Nigeria. Reply. Finally, always set a budget for miscellaneous costs such as Sawdust, labour, transport costs etc. 5). I need the equipment to start layer chicken rearing. You will also need equipments such as feeders and drinkers. The layers are in cages. You will raise exotic/hybrid birds in a confined chicken house. 4 (70kg bag) bags of chick mash per month for 17 weeks cost about 4 x 4 x 3,300 = 52,800. In Kenya, various … COST OF REARING 500 COMMERCIAL LAYERS. CONFIRM PASSWORD. Gross margin for 500 commercial layers Written by Maurice Rangoma. 8,000 for this. Post author By Mkulima wa Ecochicks; Post date October 27, 2016; 4 Comments on A 1000 layers poultry farm in Kenya; To farm 1000 layers is not a joke. A 1000 layers poultry farm in Kenya. EMAIL. You need to automate as many tasks as possible . Antony William . Chicks. Send me your catalogue so that we start from there. Cost is 2500 x 8 = Kshs 20,000 per month. Mombasa Road Behind Liberty Plaza. Cost = 600. It will cost you roughly Sh. 6). Meet Yomi. Reply. 8 (70 kg bag )bags of layers mash per month for 200 layers. WAREHOUSE. The wire mesh can be painted to increase durability. Poultry Feeds. Reply. The cage can fabricated a the farm using the normal wire mesh. To get the maximum profits, you will feed them commercial feed and follow a vaccination schedule to control diseases. Layers. Md.Ashraf. Some people have requested for gross margin of raising 500 commercial layers. PASSWORD. SOCIAL MEDIA. You will raise them for 21 weeks, beyond which period their production declines. Here is a breakdown of the expenses and returns that are expected. Slydurba Farming. 2,200 for all these vaccines. CREATE ACCOUNT. COST OF REARING 500 COMMERCIAL LAYERS × HEAD OFFICE LOCATION. In this post, we give you a cost and profit analysis for rearing 100, 200, 500 and 1000 layers chicken. TITLE: Cost of setting up 1000 capacity Poultry (layers) In Nigeria Written by Kelvin Adewale 31st OF JULY 2016 1. We need farming equipment 5000 chicken in Edo State Nigeria. Yomi is from Abuja, Nigeria, and has ambitions of rearing poultry on some rural land he owns…however, he’s relatively new to the idea. KIENYEJI REARING ESTIMATES. The prices are not uniform throughout the country therefore you are advised to adjust the prices according to your locality.

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