corriedale sheep purpose

He said the top-priced ram is a “true dual purpose sheep.” Several Corriedale rams also sold to prime lamb producers aiming to add value to the fleeces on their crossbred or composite ewes. The Corriedale was developed in New Zealand as breeders attempted to improve the meat characteristics of the Merino by crossing with longwool breeds such as the Lincoln. We chose the Corriedale breed because it is a true dual-purpose breed that can produce both superb wool and superior meat lambs. History: The Corriedale hails from New Zealand, land of many sheep. The Corriedale was developed in an effort to establish a true dual purpose breed, combining the best traits of the wool breeds and the meat breeds. During the 1880s, James Little, manager of the Corriedale Estate on South Island, worked to develop a dual-purpose meat and wool sheep breed by crossing Merino ewes with English Lincoln or Leicester rams. The result is a sheep that excels in total commercial returns, yielding a heavy valuable fleece and a high quality carcass. The Corriedale Breeder’s aim is to produce a dual purpose sheep combining maximum clean fleece weight, body weight and fertility, having regard to the breed type standard. Corriedale Sheep breeders listing & info. Corriedale sheep are medium to large-framed, with rams weighing from 180 to 280 pounds and ewes from 150 to 250 pounds. At Marble Peaks Ranch we raise Corriedale sheep. They are large built sheep.. Corriedale face lacks wool.. The Corriedale was imported into Canada from New Zealand and for many years was a popular dual purpose breed. The Corriedale Breeder's aim is to produce a dual purpose sheep combining maximum clean fleece weight, body weight and fertility, having regard to the breed type standard. Corriedale sheep are a dual purpose breed, meaning they are used both in the production of wool and meat.The Corriedale is the oldest of all the crossbred breeds, a Merino-Lincoln cross developed almost simultaneously in Australia and New Zealand and first brought to the United States in 1914. Corriedale sheep raised for meat and wool, a dual-purpose breed.One of the oldest breeds of New Zealand and Australia.They produce premium lambs when mated with sires of meat bread.Polwarth and Corriedale from the main sheep breeds on the Falkland Islands.. Corriedale sheep breed information. Both sexes are polled or … The ewes are excellent mothers, and the Corriedale is a dual-purpose sheep, producing big fleeces and top-quality meat lambs, either from Corriedale or Down …

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