coopworth sheep origin

Coopworth sheep primarily raised for wool.The breed is developed in New Zealand.A cross of Border Leicester and Romney, in the 1950s, resulted in Coopworth.. Coopworth sheep breed information. Deer Run Sheep Farm Country of origin: New Zealand . Origin of the Breed. A medium-sized breed, with a white face and wool-free legs.. Lambing is easy and they are excellent mothers.. Long-staple, white high-yield wool (average fleece weight 5.5 kg – 12 lbs), with a staple length of 2.5 to 4 inches long. A medium to large sheep, the Corriedale is especially suited to all types of grazing in lighter rainfall areas; it is widely used in New Zealand on every sort of country from intensively grazed lowlands and plains, to all but the very highest mountain grazings, and in similar environments world-wide. Cormo sheep raised mainly for wool.The breed is from Australia.A cross with Corriedale and Merion resulted in Cormoin’s early 1960’s.. Cormo sheep breed information. The breed makes up the second largest flock in New Zealand. The fiber diameter is around 21 to 23 microns. Brief history: The COOPWORTH is an easy care, productive breed developed at Lincoln University in New Zealand during the 1950's and 1960's under the direction of Dr. Most of the parts resemble Romney sheep-like head, face, and body type. The study of seasonal wool production in this group of Coopworth sheep has resulted in little information to add to the literature. Origin: The Coopworth breed of sheep was developed by a team of scientists at Lincoln College (now Lincoln University) in Canterbury, New Zealand, to increase lambing percentages of Romney ewes when mated with Border Leicester rams. Where it is hot and humid (moist), the Gulf Coast Native, Florida Crackers, or hair sheep (of tropical origins) are good choices, because of … I. E. Coop. Indications that grease production may vary differently, from wool production throughout the season give food for thought on further research possibilities. It is suggested that sheep were in the Cotswold Hills at the time of Caesar's conquest of Britain, and sheep were mentioned in most of the early agricultural writings of the area. For example, fine wool breeds and hair sheep (of desert origin) are good choices for hot, dry climates where feed may be scarce. Soft, dense fleece with exceptional consistency. He wanted to improve the reproductive performance of the Romney, which dominated the New Zealand sheep industry.

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