compressor attack and release

It’s All in the Attack and Release. As we said, the attack and release controls are especially important. Some compressor types will have faster “attack” and “release” times than others, and some will have more “coloration” or “vintage” vibe based on the internal components. The blue line is the original audio, and the red line is the audio coming out of the compressor (that has been reduced in volume). ATTACK! I set Attack on Compressor to 0,20ms and Release to 100ms. robin. Compressor settings can be confusing at first. Post Mar 13, 2017 #1 2017-03-13T15:31. A quick note, I have dialed in a rather aggressive threshold on all of these examples so that it is easier to hear how the attack and release settings affect the compression. 67 2. This is a list of the four most famous compression types and a brief description of how they differ. 67 2. I've been trying to measure and compare time constants and ratios of some compressors as part of an (amateurish) attempt to design a sidechain for an opto compressor. But Attack time is 70ms instead of 0,2ms - … robin. A slow attack setting on your compressor will let more of the transient’s snap … Notice how the output lags behind the input due to the attack and release time of the compressor: Measuring Compressor Attack and Release. Third picture is Chart I found on Internet which explain attack and release times. Silverado. First picture is attack time, and second is release time. A compressor may provide a degree of control over how quickly it acts. These 2 knobs will have more to do with shaping the tone and sound of your audio than any other compressor settings. The attack is the period when the compressor is decreasing gain in response to increased level at the input to reach the gain determined by the ratio. Slow Attack. In part 2 of this video series (below) I want to dive deeper into the compressor settings of the Attack and Release. Here’s another chart, this time depicting how attack and release time affect the gain reduction. Release time is OK: 113ms measured. Fast Release. The Attack and Release controls provide a remedy to this ailment, because they determine how quickly the compressor's gain‑reduction reacts to changes in the input signal level: the former specifies how fast the compressor reacts in reducing gain, while the latter specifies how fast the gain reduction resets. 5.

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